Every year on May 28th, you have the opportunity to celebrate Hamburger Day! Now here’s the question… do you?!

Hamburger Day | Uncustomary

 10 Ways To Celebrate Hamburger Day

  1. Go to a fancy burger place where you get to build your own burger and create your ideal sandwich from the meat to the cheese to the toppings with no judgments!
  2. Use hamburgers to inspire your outfits (sources below)
  3. Host a party where you serve burgers plus novelty things like cupcakes that look like burgers
  4. Bone up on some hamburger trivia so you can spew out facts all day
  5. Explore different ways to eat a burger, like a vegetarian burger or one made out of turkey meat, etc. toppings you would never usually get, or make your own cheese with a cheese cutter
  6. Check out your local establishments to see what kind of deals you can get for the holiday
  7. Take an epic nighttime road trip adventure to White Castle with your best friend
  8. Watch old Hamburgler videos on YouTube
  9. Get a bunch of burgers from different fast food restaurants and have a blind taste test with friends
  10. Watch Good Burger

Hamburger Day | Uncustomary

Dress – ASOS // Purse – Amazon // Hair Bow – Happy Mills Etsy

How are you celebrating Hamburger Day?

Photos by: Maura Housley