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Halloween is a good opportunity for some themed street art! I started with a simple orange and (poofy) black yarnbomb that I installed on a speed limit sign. It was the closest I’d ever been to getting stopped by a cop while doing an installation (he slowed the car down next to me, thought about it while staring at me, and drove away). I would have just told him that I was drawing attention to the speed limit. Safety third, y’all.

Halloween Yarnbomb | Uncustomary Art

Halloween Yarnbomb | Uncustomary Art

I had the idea of hollowing out some pumpkins and putting seasonal plants inside them for a guerrilla gardening installation. It was actually pretty awesome. I used the pumpkin as the planter pot, and uprooted some mums I bought at the the pumpkin farm. And in the other Cinderella-looking pumpkin, I added some dirt and a mini scarecrow decoration.

Halloween Pumpkin Guerrilla Gardening | Uncustomary Art

I brought them to the Old Town Mall in Baltimore. It’s an area that’s basically completely abandoned, save a few hardware shops. One of the buildings there is the location of a potential haunted attraction. I really support this project, but unfortunately they’re not very close to their goal. I’d really love it if you could help them out. I so desperately want this old department store to turn into a multi-floor spooky tower.

Anyway, this little installation in front of the building was kind of my offering of optimism to the project. Here’s to a scary future!

Halloween Pumpkin Guerrilla Gardening | Uncustomary Art

My friend, Charlotte, dressed up as Lydia Deetz (from Beetlejuice) this year. She even made a book for the recently deceased! I took her photo before she headed off to a party, and captured a real gem where she looks completely nuts as she reads the book. I put a creepy filter on it, blew it up into a poster, and plastered it on a wall with the quote “I myself am strange and unusual”, from Miss Deetz, herself.

Halloween Street Art: Lydia Deetz | Uncustomary Art

Lastly, I bagged up a giant tub of cheese puffs into baggies and labeled them at Pumpkin Poop to hand out to strangers. Delicious RAOK, eh?

Halloween Street Art: Pumpkin Poop | Uncustomary Art

Have you seen any other Halloween street art around the internet or your town? I’d love it if you linked me over.