Sophie is the twenty-something beauty and book lover behind Nana Wintour, where you’ll find a healthy dose of beauty and books with the occasional daily life post thrown in for good measure. I did an interview with her you can find below!

Uncustomary Art Guest Post: Nana Wintour

1) What got you interested in blogging, and what makes you want to share parts of your life and advice with others?

When I was younger I’d made my own websites and had things like a Livejournal set up so I guess that’s where my first ‘blog’ experiences started. I only remembered that recently. I love writing and always felt so inspired by the other blogs I read, which at that time were predominantly fashion-centered. I wanted to be a part of that and share my voice with people. For me, sharing parts of my life+advice isn’t about the attention it brings to myself, it’s about sharing my experiences and things I’ve gone through. Even if it informs or helps just one person I feel satisfied.

Uncustomary Art Guest Post: Nana Wintour

2) What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from blogging so far?

Don’t be afraid to share what you love. For the longest time I put off blogging about books because I thought it was silly and that nobody would be interested. Even if what you love is a little bit nerdy or niche, there will be somebody out there who is interested. You do you.

Uncustomary Art Guest Post: Nana Wintour

3) You’re a bit of an expert on fashion and beauty. Do you find clothing and make-up to be a way to enhance your self love?

Absolutely. Fashion and beauty should be an extension of yourself, not something to hide behind. In saying that, when we’re wearing a gorgeous outfit we love, or a staple pink lipstick, we feel amazing. If you love dramatic makeup and it makes you feel amazing, wear it. For me, dressing up and doing my makeup is about making myself happy. It makes me feel more confident too.

Uncustomary Art Guest Post: Nana Wintour

4) Reading is a big part of your life. Is it something that you’ve always enjoyed? Do you have any recommendations for people who would love to start checking off books on their To Read list, but just can’t seem to start?

Reading is definitely something that I have always enjoyed. Even from an early age I was often surrounded by books. People will tell me that they love reading but are just too busy to do so. That’s really not true though-you just need to make time for it. I would much rather read something than binge-watch a TV series so it’s quite easy for me. Having a pile of books displayed where you can see them helps, and if you use public transport, ditch Candy Crush and read a book instead.

Uncustomary Art Guest Post: Nana Wintour

5) I’ve loved seeing your recent posts of 10 Things That Make Me Happy. What prompted you to take notice of the small pleasures in life, and has that helped your general mood and mental health?

Aww thank you. I’m so glad you liked that post. Last year I started a positivity journal, where I had to write down one positive thing at the end of every day. I begun that because I was feeling quite down at the time and I wanted to do something that would play a small part in making me feel better and ending the day on a good note. I’ll be honest, I’ve been slack with the journaling lately and have certainly noticed a difference. So yes, it really does have an impact on my general frame of mind.

Uncustomary Art Guest Post: Nana Wintour

6) What are some general things that make you happy?

Walks in the sunshine, glitter, new books, peonies, spending time with my closest friends, taking pictures, mornings in bed when it’s raining outside, blueberries.

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All photos credited to Nana Wintour.