This week I’ve been thinking about fears and insecurities.

Get Messy Art Journal

Some people are afraid of things most others can’t understand, like tin foil or pickles. There are some fears that millions of people can identify with like snakes or sharks. But what about internal fears? Like ending up alone or not being good enough?

Some of my own fears include being forgotten, being boring, slipping on ice, and mannequins/wax people.

Get Messy Art Journal

I received an envelope from Emily in Chicago, and inside of it was just this photo of a mannequin in a tub outside. Instead of getting scared, I actually really liked it. It was kitschy and strange, and I was able to look past the horrifying parts and see straight to the cool beauty of the photo (which was made even more beautiful when I found out that Emily had it taped up to her wall for years and took it down to send to me).

I started thinking that maybe it’s possible to see past the terror and find the beauty in the rest of my fears. And maybe we all can. These thoughts haven’t been fully formed, but I took enough time to process them enough to make these two pages for my journal, immortalizing them until further notice.

Get Messy Art Journal

What are you afraid of?

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