So the project I want to share this week is the Valentines that I sent out. I sent out about 30 of them. They’re very simple, just some red cardstock with a picture of my cat (Bug) from the Valentine’s Day photo shoot I had with him.

I used two different rubber stamps, metallic heart stickers, 3D flower stickers, and the Celebrate stamps from 2011. I sent them out yesterday so they should begin to arrive tomorrow. For the handful that I sent overseas I sent last week so those should be arriving soon as well. 🙂

The white sticker went on the backs of all the postcards and says: “Celebrate the love you have in your life! Romantic, family, pets, strangers, friends, pen-pals, coworkers, unrequited celebrity crushes, affairs with the best sandwich you’ve ever had, the feeling when you take off uncomfortable shoes, the usual types of love. Happy February 14th, 2012”

Here are some pictures from the Valentine’s Day photo shoot that I had with Bug:

I used to have a problem with Valentine’s Day, but in recent years I’ve decided that it’s okay to celebrate this holiday as long as you include everyone in your life that you love. You don’t have to neglect anyone who isn’t your significant other on February 14th (or ever!). Share the love!

What are your feelings on Valentine’s Day?