Happy February!

It started off with Janice sending me a picture of a tumbleweed that she found for me (in Utah) and was going to mail to me but she couldn’t find a way to ship it for less than $50 so she sent a picture of it to me before she set it off into the wild with a piece of red yarn attached to it. If you see a tumbleweed like this, tell it I say ‘hello!’.

So obviously I printed out an adoption certificate and posted it on the wall above my desk at work. 

Someone registered my 1000th postcard on Postcrossing! 

 Matt and Bug touched heads.

And making my 4th trip to Baltimore (out of 50) with Charlotte to Nacho Mama’s in Canton and Sticky Rice for Blingo last night.

Today is National Wear Red Day which is for promoting health in women but I’m really just enjoying wearing red lipstick and a bow.