Ep. 8 - Ending White Fragility | Uncustomary Love Podcast

This past week has shown me even deeper of who is ready and willing to take action in the dismantling of systemic oppression.

Last episode, we talked about Black Lives Matter and how to use your privilege to end your privilege. If you missed that episode, I recommend starting with that one first. (There you can also find additional Activism Resources.)

Today, I’m diving deeper into this issue, and continuing to talk to white people about how to take action.

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In today’s podcast, I’m focusing on:

  • White privilege in the way of white fragility
  • How to be an ally
  • Why we need to have things connect to us in order for it to “click”
  • A way that might just “click” with you to “get it”
  • How to use your platform for good instead of staying silent

It’s going to get uncomfortable. GOOD. Let’s do it!