Heart Confetti | Uncustomary Art

Happy Valentine’s Day, you beautiful creature. Whether you have a romantic partner or not, you can choose to celebrate today in a loving way. We think about Valentine’s Day as needing a prerequisite of having a significant other. You don’t. And you definitely don’t need to feel bad about not having one.

And even if you have a romantic relationship, that doesn’t mean today needs to be full of corny poems, expensive jewelry, and stuffed animals you don’t know where to put. All you need to focus on today is telling the people you love that you love them (and bonus points for why you love them).

Tell your best friend you love them. Your sister, your great aunt, your dad. Your cat, your fantastic bus driver, Chris Pratt. And definitely don’t forget to tell yourself. Say it out loud. “I love you, ______.” [insert your name]

Live well, love wildly. Happy Valentine’s Day.