Writing a scary story is a beautiful and creative way to celebrate Halloween. With horror writing prompts, you can give your imagination a chance to amuse your friends and to reveal your fears. 

Creative Writing: How To Write Amazingly Scary Halloween Stories | Uncustomary

Why writing a scary story?

First of all, discovering the scary story ideas of your friends is a wonderful way to spend Halloween. Imagine sitting next to the fireplace in the darkness and telling stories retrieved from your imagination. Second of all, this is a great way to boost your fantasy and share it with friends. And lastly, storytelling helps to acknowledge your fears and have a chance to deal with them. 

Creatures in your own universe

There are so many various creatures in various fantasy worlds. Beasts, vampires, trolls, demons, leprechauns, dinosaurs, soul hunters, avatars, and many others can become your main features. You can combine them for scary short stories. Be creative and include some unexpected twists, for example, make some of your friends become one of the creatures. Create your universe where all the creatures have their secrets.

Parallel realities

Creative Writing: How To Write Amazingly Scary Halloween Stories | Uncustomary

Creepy stories include parallel worlds where people live different lives. There can be travels to these realities with harmful intentions or a simply complex combination of different worlds where characters change depending on their surroundings. For example, it can be a book. It sucks in everyone who dares to open it. Once inside the book, characters must complete the story to get back their freedom.

Time travels

Your child from the future who came to warn you about something creepy or your grand grand grand grandmother, that came to the future to see what is going on there. Time travels are exciting. For example, it can be Cleopatra, Napoleon, or any other historical figure that came to finish what they have started. Be creative, and make the story exciting. 

Evil twins or clones

If you wonder, “can someone do my assignment for me“, the answer is “yes”. Skip your school tasks for a while, and let your imagination work for something truly creepy and exciting. Halloween is the right time for that. Evil twins or clones are always thrilling. The perfect example of the concept is The Prestige by Christopher Nolan. However, you can be creative on a daily basis. For example, imagine going to the kitchen and seeing yourself having breakfast or taking a shower in a bathroom. The moment you meet your clone, you meet his or her confused and terrifying stare. Where is the actual proof that you do exist at the moment?

Ghosts and evil spirits

Creative Writing: How To Write Amazingly Scary Halloween Stories | Uncustomary

Placing a ghost, evil spirit, or forgotten soul into an old house is the answer to the question of how to write horror stories here. There can be hundreds of ideas on what to do next and how to make the writing truly terrifying. A ghost should be the main character. It can have the ability to inhabit other peoples’ bodies and live their own lives. Double life can turn a bad character into a good one or vice versa. The creepiest fact is that no-one knows who are they talking to a spirit or an actual person they see.

Realistic scary stories 

Scary short stories based on a true story are the most horrid. Imagine a psycho with schizophrenia whose worlds come true. Are they simply ill or the chosen ones with a provision gift? The same can work for empaths. They can perceive other peoples’ feelings or read thoughts. What about people who experience psychological illness but live in society? How harmful can they appear? The story can give goosebumps. There are other ideas like secret military operations or biological researchers. Medical treatment can also have an unexpected twist. Space adventures are the perfect field for horror.  If you need help writing a scary story, you can check out NoCramming or WritePaper Review for assistance

Bottom line

There are plenty of ways to scare your friends by telling a story. Create your universe, add a ghost, make evil clones, and let them travel in time or to a parallel world. Combine all the tips. Your friends will be not only thrilled but also amazed. 

Remember, the scariest things include three factors:

  • it should be something that can theoretically happen to any person
  • It should include a character well known to a group, for example, a common friend, doctor, professor or other
  • It should have an unexpected twist
    – Always add a detailed description of every event, including emotional states, clothes, atmosphere, weather conditions, colors, and others. Try to imagine the scene and share it with friends. Happy Halloween!


Jeff Blaylock is a storyteller and freelance writer. He writes horror stories for various needs like books, games, YouTube videos, cartoons, and others. He is a professional who knows how to make the audience feel the excitement.