Choosing the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture In Novi

Novi is located in Oakland County in Michigan, roughly 40.2km northwest of downtown Detroit. This city is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Michigan and it is home to the Twelve Oaks Mall which makes it a major destination for shopping in the metropolitan area of Detroit.

The commercial scene comprises international corporations that have regional and local offices and also mom and pop businesses that serve the locals. Based on its bustling retail centres and individual businesses, it is not a strange sight to see businesses with sit –out areas where customers can relax in-between shopping or business transactions. You can visit this site: for more information about the city of Novi.

Apart from sit-out areas in businesses premises, many homes in Novi have patios that can be spruced up to provide additional space for relaxation and entertaining guests. Decorating this space can be challenging but with a little help you can get it right. That is why in this article, we will share tips on how to choose the best patio furniture in Novi so stay with us.

Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture in Novi

There are many factors to consider before you choose pieces for your outdoor space. You must make out time to look at the material, look out for durability, quality, cost, climate and a host of other things. We have curated some tips to help make the shopping process easier for you; below are these tips:


Of utmost importance is an awareness and cognizance of the climate of the region in which you live. Novi which is the city in focus is a place that has very humid summers and cold, freezing and windy winters. This therefore means that you should look for furniture pieces that can withstand the high level of humidity and the freezing and cold winter.

If you love wooden pieces, ensure that the material use is hard and durable. Look out for pieces made with teak, shorea, eucalyptus, acacia, cedar or cypress. Additionally, upholstery material should include acrylic, polyester, cotton blend, vinyl or synthetic fabrics. These are materials that can withstand the elements without warping, rotting or swelling.

You can click here for more details about the climate and weather in Novi.

Available Space

Before you go shopping for outdoor pieces, ensure that you measure the space you have in your patio. Make sure you measure with leg room and space for movement in mind. This means that you measure the exact space that the pieces will occupy and then give extra space for leg room and movement between the pieces.

Haven gotten the right measurement, ensure that you do not buy pieces that will be lost in the space or those that will clutter the space and make it look tacky and busy.

Purpose and Functionality

It is important that you define the purpose of the space so that you will get pieces that are functional. For example, if you want a space that’s strictly for dining, it wouldn’t do to buy loungers and ottomans. The right pieces to buy are dining tables and seats (in whatever style fits your theme or décor).

The best option, however, is to look for pieces that are multi-functional. With these pieces, you can entertain guests or just relax with your family. The objective here is to get furniture that fits the purpose for which the space is created and even best of all, adapt to multiple purposes.

Comfort and Style

While it is important to bear in mind the overall style of the furniture items and how they fit into or complement the overall décor of your home, comfort is very important. It is therefore imperative that you go to these Novi, MI outdoor furniture stores physically even if you have visited there online store. This will enable you test the furniture by sitting on the chairs, reclining on the loungers and just generally testing out how comfortable they are.

Flexibility and Durability

These may sound like features on 2 opposing spectrums but they are actually essential features to consider. We have pointed out materials to consider for wood lovers but if you do not like wood, you should look out for plastic, PVC, wrought iron, aluminium or stainless steel. These materials have the ability to withstand the wear and tear that come from being left out in the open.

Additionally, look for items that are easily moveable as you may need to store them in off-seasons and set them up in clement or warm seasons. These can include folding chairs and tables, moveable umbrellas and other such items.


Choosing the best patio furniture is something that should be done with utmost care and not taken lightly unless you want to keep replacing them every season. We have shared some tips that will definitely help you as you go shopping. However, you can always consult experts when you visit the stores but bear in mind that you must have an idea of what you want before heading to the store.