Are you planning a unicorn-themed party for the kids and looking for affordable ways to decorate the space? There’s no need to splurge on expensive party decorations. With DIY magic, ordinary household items can be transformed with rainbow colors, glitter, and sparkly embellishments, creating a whimsical unicorn atmosphere on a budget. In this article, we’ll share easy unicorn decor ideas that bring the magical theme to life through color, flowers, crafts, treats, and more – all without breaking the bank. 

Decor That Pops

Unicorns call for bright and cheery decorations in shades of rainbow – pink, purple, yellow, blue. Tablecloths, streamers, plates, cups, and napkins are available at reasonable prices. Go for solid colors, rainbow patterns, or maybe silver and white with multi-colored accents. For an extra popping look, add sparkly confetti, glittered stars or rainbow foil garlands to accent surfaces. Large sparkly rainbow cutouts or drawings of cute unicorns, rainbows and clouds also make for fun wall decorations. And balloons in all the colors of the rainbow are a must. With these easy elements, in no time the party space will sparkle with unicorn magic.

Rainbow balloon arch

A colorful rainbow balloon arch is a great way to create a sensation at the entrance of a party. Just use pastel-colored balloons and twisting ribbons to create a magical greeting for your little guests. It is easier than it seems; you can find detailed instructions online Arrange the balloons in a rainbow pattern or alternating colors and secure them to a long section of ribbon or twine to make a giant rainbow arch. Have the kids walk under the balloons to enter the party space. The balloon arch immediately sets a whimsical unicorn theme. Add rainbow streamers or twisted ribbons cascading down from the arch for more sparkle. Sparkling confetti on the floor below will add rainbow magic. This is an inexpensive way to provide a photo-worthy party entrance that kids will enjoy marching under.

Fun with Flowers 

Fresh flowers are an inexpensive way to spread color and nature themes in home parties. Bright wildflowers like daisies, gerberas, tulips and hydrangeas or purples and pinks like lilacs, chrysanthemums or lilies help deliver a rainbow feel. Display flowers in Mason jars or other eco-friendly containers wrapped in bright ribbon. For extra unicorn fun, add some sparkly fans or pipe cleaners as makeshift unicorn horns! Arrange flowers at different heights for visual interest – on the table, side tables, and floor. The fresh blooms will scent and breathe life into the party.

Glitter Bar Extravaganza

What’s a unicorn party without plenty of glitter, sparkles and color for homemade art and craft projects? Set up a DIY glitter station with glue, large sheets of paper or card stock, glitter in rainbow hues, and gel pens. Let the kids’ creativity shine through drawings, cards for family or glitter art canvases to display. Add sparkly stickers, pom poms, colorful beads and ribbons for embellishing while unicorn tunes play in the background! The mess stays neatly in one spot while the kids express their inner unicorn.

Sweet Unicorn Snacks 

Part of unicorn decor is creating delightfully rainbow-hued snacks and arranging them artfully. Pastel popcorn balls, star and unicorn shaped sandwiches, fruit skewers, cookies and cupcakes decked out in frosting, sprinkles and edible glitter make for yummy treats that channel unicorn colors. Make a statement with cascading rainbow Jell-O shots or a towering rainbow cake decorated with fluffy white icing, silver dragees, unicorn figurines and sparkler candles. It’s sure to impress the young guests! Arrange all the goodies together on tiered stands at different heights for a magical spread.

Dreamy Unicorn Drinks

In keeping with the color theme, festive drinks are a must. Pitchers of lemonade, fruit punch or Shirley Temples made with rainbow ice cubes, slices of fruit, paper umbrellas and crazy straws have instant kid appeal. For individual drinks, rim glasses with rainbow sanding sugar or colorful sprinkles. Add swirly rainbow straws and paper drink picks or flags with unicorn heads. Top smoothies with clouds of whipped cream and rainbow candy beads. Voila – sipping sweet rainbow magic!  

Outdoor Unicorn Fun

Want to take the festivities outside? Rainbow umbrellas planted into the grass or hung upside down from low tree branches make for fanciful outdoor unicorn decor. Line the walkway to your backyard or patio with rainbow balloons weighed down with sandbags. The colors will dance in the breeze to greet guests.

For games, make a unicorn ring toss board with a wooden board painted white and decorated with a colorful unicorn. Use reclaimed wood rounds painted in rainbow shades as toss rings. Have guests compete to see who can encircle the most unicorn horns!

With spare crafting supplies and items easily sourced, it’s simple to deck out your space with rainbow magic that brings affordable unicorn cheer. Get ready to throw a party that sparkles!