For those of us in the northern hemisphere, today we’re celebrating the Winter Solstice! It’s the shortest day of the year, my half birthday, and the official mark of that cold season so many of us dread. I’ve got a list of activities you can partake in this season, but don’t forget that you can do something special today, too! You can learn about the way the Earth moves, and how it influences the seasons. My go-to solstice celebration is to run around the tree in my front yard, changing “Winter, Winter, Winter!”

In Pagan traditions, we call this day Yule. It’s all about the rebirth of the Sun! Think about it, since today is the shortest day of the year, the days will only get longer from here. Plus, we get to have the longest night of the year. Night is a special time. Use it for planning for the next year!

60 Ways To Celebrate Winter

knit a scarf for yourself or a friend
go ice skating
drink hot cocoa by a fire
get a Tarot card reading
cut out colorful paper snowflakes
write greeting and/or thank you cards
wear leg warmers
go snowboarding or skiing
donate gifts to less fortunate
buy yourself a new fluffy blanket to keep warm
make a snow angel
decorate a gingerbread house
bake cookies
have a fondue party
decorate with twinkle lights
sit under a happy/light lamp
take a yoga class, work on flexibility
have a snowball fight
volunteer at a homeless shelter
attend a tacky sweater party
make a snow globe
build a snowman
make a peanut butter bird feeder
make a wreath
go sledding
give a tree a sweater
drink egg nog
make your own candy
build a bonfire
use food dye to draw in snow

make origami
catch snowflakes on your tongue
build a fort
make winter themed pages in your art journal
binge watch shows on Netflix
make a Winter playlist
have a board game day
go caroling
plan out your resolutions for the new year
build an igloo
draw (snowman) faces on marshmallows
 shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk
bundle yourself up in extremely cute scarves and earmuffs
make snow cones
wear onesie pajamas to bed
go see a ballet or off-Broadway show
eat all the potatoes: mashed, fried, baked
make up dances in your living room
latch hook a giant rug
take photos of gorgeous window displays
get a spray tan
paint pine cones
find one of your favorite childhood books at the library
make a list of things you accomplished over the past twelve months
get in an outdoor hot tub
walk through a Christmas tree lot, even just to take in the smells
make a wreath
adopt a penguin
decorate with cotton balls
rent a snow machine

How are you going to celebrate Winter?