Happy May! Things are moving quickly, and I hope you’ve had at least a moment to reflect on this past month. Feel free to share the highlights of April with me in the comments.

May is:

Clean Air Month
Creative Beginnings Month
Gardening For Wildlife Month
Get Caught Reading Month
Motorcycle Safety Month
Bike Month
Hamburger Month
Mental Health Month
Salsa Month
Smile Month
Personal History Month
Photo Month

Things to look forward to:

1 – Batman Day
1 – May Day
2 – No Pants Day
3 – Hug Your Cat Day
4 – Respect For Chickens Day
5 – Cinco De Mayo
10 – Miniature Golf Day
11 – Eat What You Want Day
14 – Chicken Dance Day
16 – Bike To Work Day
18 – I Love Reeses Day
18 – Happiness Experience
18 – Museum Day
21 – Turn Beauty Inside Out Day
23 – Taffy Day
24 – Morse Code Day
25 – Tap Dance Day
29 – Learn About Composting Day
31- What You Think Upon Grows Day

Looking for things to do this Spring? I have some ideas for you.

What are you looking forward to this month?