Happy Mardi Gras! We could call if Fat Tuesday, but why would we when we can be fancy and keep the ‘s’ in Gras silent?! This holiday is French in origin, so it makes sense that the hub of the hullabaloo is down in New Orleans. (I seriously can’t wait to visit that city. It’s next on my list now that I’ve crossed off San Francisco!)

Either way, the idea of having a big blowout extravaganza right before Lent begins is wonderful to me, even if I don’t participate in Lent. And by blowout, I obviously mean wearing multiple feather boas, masquerade masks, and extra glitter. Be generous with your beads, people! Let everyone in on the fun.

I’m wearing purple, gold, and green and a bunch of beads! If you want to drink in style today, you could drink a Mardi Gras Rita! You can decorate your nails using this glittery inspiration! And you can get a lot of tips from Angela Amman’s write-up on how to throw a Mardi Gras Playdate (because we know that playing isn’t limited to children).

Last year I celebrated with a yarnbomb! I sure do love gold thread.

So make sure you have fun today, even if you’re as far away from New Orleans as can be. Even Bug is celebrating!

How are you going to celebrate today? Does anyone’s hometown do parades or carnival like events?
Have fun and be safe!