Happy June!! This month is going to be crazy busy and wonderful for me, and I hope you can say the same. This is the month I turn 26, we experience a change of season, and we continue to form into our true selves. I hope you’ll take a minute to reflect on the month of May, and think of all the positive things that happened in your life. Here’s my top ten list. Please feel free to share yours in the comments.

It’s also Bug’s 4th birthday today! What a June Bug he is. He’s a little bit of a birthday grinch, so he’s not super into it (as evidenced by this photo). But he is accepting gifts in the way of drawings you make of him. He would love it if you posted them online or even sent them to him via mail!

June is:

Adopt A Cat Month
Beautiful In Your Skin Month
LGBTQ Pride Month
Bathroom Reading Month
Candy Month
Rebuild Your Life Month
Skyscraper Month
Naked Bike Ride Month

Things to look forward to:

1 – Bug’s Birthday
1 – Say Something Nice Day
4 – Audacity To Hope Day
5 – Hot Air Balloon Day
5 – Moonshine Day
6 – Drive-In Movie Day
7 – Paint A Person Event
12 – Peanut Butter Cookie Day
14 – Flag Day
15 – Father’s Day
18 – Sushi Day
20 – Flip Flop Day
21 – Mary’s Birthday Balloon Mob
21 – Summer Solstice
24 – Celebration Of The Senses
28 – Body Piercing Day
30 – National Organization For Women Day

Activity Ideas:

+ Visit an animal shelter
+ Put googly eyes on inanimate objects
+ See Spider Man in a drive-in theater
+ Write a card to a father figure in your life
+ Focus on one of your five senses for the whole day
+ Go to a Pride Parade in your city
+ Try some new candy
+ Write a list of things you love about yourself
+ Run through a sprinkler
+ Play messy Twister

What are you looking forward to this month?