Today is Easter! As I mentioned yesterday, in my Plastic Eggs RAOK post, I don’t celebrate the religious aspects of Easter. I do still have fun celebrating colorful traditions, however nonsensical they are. In fact, the stranger the better.
I wanted to take today to share some pictures of Spring flowers, and the shots from Charlotte and I having fun with the Easter Bunny at the mall.


That was a fun experience. There was no one in line behind us, and the photographer lady yelled “Sexy! Give me sexy!” once we sat next to the bunny. The bunny wiggled his butt so we could feel it, and we laughed. I asked the photographer how often she got to say “sexy” during her shift, and she laughed and said “None. That’s why I yelled it.”
Something I didn’t do this year was dye eggs. Last year I used a silk tie method. Have you done any dyeing this year? I wanna see pictures!
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Happy Spring!