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July is almost over, and there have been lots of lovely projects to honor Zine Month! I finally finished my first zine, which is essentially a source of inspiration for your own bucket list.

Having goals is an important part of life. Sometimes we have ideas of what we want to accomplish before we fall asleep that night, within the next ten years, or just at some point in our lives. As long as your head is in the space of wanting to improve to be the best person you can be, you can do no wrong. Sometimes, though, we run out of inspiration for what we want to try next. That’s where I come in!

Bucket List Ideas Zine | Uncustomary Art

I’ve made a zine including 231 ideas of things you can try in your lifetime. The zine is in a check list format, for you to mark off as you complete each activity. There are also two spaces on each page (66 slots total) for you to add your own ideas!

Bucket List Ideas Zine | Uncustomary Art

Examples of bucket list ideas include: crowd surf, climb a rock wall, stay up all night, trend on Twitter, adopt a pet, get a facial, be in a flash mob, fall in love, hula hoop, write a letter to Santa, run around a May Pole, and more!

The zine costs $6 and can be shipped internationally. Ready to get started? Order your copy here!

Bucket List Ideas Zine | Uncustomary Art

And while we’re on the topic of zines, I’ve really been enjoying seeing Jemibook‘s progress this month with zine challenges.