Best Sexy Underwear Styles For Men Who Seek Confidence | Uncustomary

Lingerie can actually be a form of empowerment for men too, especially those who lack self-esteem. When you nail that first layer of sexy men’s clothing before even putting on pants, you’ll instantly feel more confident in how you look. Despite the stigma around mens lingerie and sexual intimacy, mens sexy underwear isn’t just for those nights out when you’re looking to get lucky – it can be a part of your daily outfit. Here are the absolute, must-have styles of sexy underwear for men, whether you want to spice things up in the bedroom or simply wear it as a form of self-love. 

Luxe Velvet Underwear

Don’t assume you have to stick to only cotton when choosing which mens designer underwear to invest in. Experimenting with non-traditional textures can actually create more positive energy around your relationship with sexy underwear and body confidence. How? Just the fact that you’re feeling more excited to try out a new style of skivvies will create an overall better experience around sexy mens underwear shopping. (Improvement starts with a positive mind!)

We know – going outside of your comfort zone can be scary, but it can also be exactly what you need for that confidence boost. When rocking men’s fashion underwear in luxe velvet, it lends a provocative style without compromising comfort. If you’re looking to refresh your collection of sexy underwear for men right now, you can actually find designer underwear brands at online mens underwear stores like Differio! 

Square-Cut Trunk Underwear

If you want a slightly tighter and shorter fit than boxer briefs for men, you should consider men’s trunk underwear. Sexy trunks are a great choice for guys with wider hips who want to find a more revealing style for their body type. The square-cut underwear styling gives a playful twist that’s simply a must-have choice among sexy underwear for men. Bamboo underwear provided a comfortable and sustainable clothing option, prioritizing both comfort and eco-friendliness.

For an even hotter effect, you should look for sheer fabric, such as see-through mesh or lace. You get all the same effects as skimpy men’s underwear, combined with the sporty comfort of trunks. If you’re experimenting with mens erotic underwear for the first time, trunk underwear is a good start without venturing too far out with mens lingerie. 

Sexy Jockstraps

Whatever size your body is, you can rock a jockstrap, plain and simple. It’s one of the most daring choices among mens erotic underwear, but that exhilaration will give you an instant dose of body positivity. Even better, you can wear this style of sexy underwear for men if you want to spice things up in the bedroom or just give yourself a confidence boost while you’re home alone. Nothing wrong with wearing mens lingerie just for yourself!

Jockstraps also have a completely bum-baring design (similar to thongs for men) that’s universally flattering. You don’t need a small or large rear to make it work, making it a go-to underwear for men of every body type. If you’re ever shopping for a jockstrap, just make sure the waistband fits properly or else it’ll feel too constricting or too droopy. But the bottom line is: when you’re wearing a jockstrap for men, you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Skimpy Bikini Briefs

Skimpy briefs are the kind of sexy underwear for men that’s basically a mash-up of a thong and brief underwear. You might think that you can’t wear anything close to men’s thongs without having a gym bod. The reality is, you can wear any mens underwear styles that catch your eye, even if your physical frame doesn’t fit the “stereotype.” Plus, the skimpy straps along the hips lend that thong-style look without revealing too much around the back, which looks flattering on virtually everyone!

The trick to finding the right men’s bikini briefs is to pay attention to the sizing. Don’t be afraid to size up to get a better fit around your hips. The waistband should fit comfortably around your hips for added comfort. This style is truly the easiest way to discreetly add sexy male lingerie to your everyday looks.

Never forget – you can wear any style of mens sexy underwear that makes you a better man, physically and mentally. Regardless if you’re wearing mens exotic underwear or tighty whities, body positivity is all about wearing whatever makes you look and feel amazing!