80% of American women wear beauty products, cosmetics and use skin-care products every single day. As fashions and attitudes about beauty change, we are always looking for new and innovative ways that we can look after ourselves and enhance our natural features. For 2022, there is a big trend in products and treatments that use minimal water, or are made from natural ingredients that don’t harm the environment. Beauty brands are also making an exciting leap into using virtual reality technology to give us new experiences and help us define our looks.

Stepping into the metaverse

If you’re looking to experiment with new beauty and makeup styles, but with minimal cost and effort, then there’s great news – the beauty industry is moving into the metaverse. Many cosmetic brands, including Nars and Zepeto are now offering virtual make up testing, which uses augmented reality technology. Whether you want to try the latest lip shades, or a new foundation, in the virtual world you can do this without having to leave your home. The metaverse is also giving customers the opportunity to indulge in some livestream shopping all over the world. The immersive shopping experience has become particularly popular in China, but is gaining momentum in America and Europe.

Laser Skin Correction

Laser correction is something that has often been associated with tattoo removal, however specialist lasers can be used for other skin treatments too. When it comes to non-invasive skin correction, using lasers is a safe and effective method that doesn’t involve any kind of chemicals. There has been a huge advance in laser technology in the past few years, with specific lasers now being used to treat different skin conditions. If you have issues with excess oil production, blocked pores and acne, the Aerolase treatment can be very effective, helping to reduce inflammation and allowing skin to recover. Clear + Brilliant® is a different laser treatment that helps to reduce discoloration and encourages skin regeneration, giving your skin an even tone.

Zero-waste cosmetics

There is now a massive trend for zero-waste cosmetics and beauty products that are completely sustainable. Many brands, including Clean-faced Cosmetics and Dab Herb have also been bringing out water-free products. Dry shampoo that doesn’t require any water has been on the market for many years now, and has been the savior of anyone attending a music festival. The Canadian brand, Everist, has gone one step further and launched a waterless body wash concentrate that is completely plant-based. This creamy paste lathers up beautifully in the shower. Solid perfumes have also been taking the beauty market by storm, and brands like Le Labo and Jo Malone have some beautiful scents to try. You can even apply the solid perfume to the dry ends of your hair.

2022 beauty and skincare innovations are all about being sustainable, eco-friendly and 100% natural. The beauty industry is also taking great strides into the metaverse, and this is going to bring many new exciting options to the customer.