I absolutely adore seeing new street art in the city. Sometimes the art itself is new, like this mural from Open Walls in Station North. It’s in an alley, so it’s difficult to get a shot of the whole thing, but it’s so bright and happy. I love it!

Sometimes they’re obviously older, but they’re making me happy for the first time on my way to a public art event,

Sometimes they recreate famous scenes from old cartoons,

Sometimes Charlotte and I spot them on our drives at dusk through neighborhoods we don’t frequent,

And sometimes they speak to me so much I have to get out of the car and rub myself up against them.

There’s also lovely mosaic work that will pop up at you as you’re walking to a bar that makes all its drinks with real fruit,

Bright and random doors that add a nice pop of color across the street from a cemetery,

And murals that really tell a story.

Beauty beauty beauty beauty rockin’ everywhere! Not enough for you? More tours of street art in Baltimore.