Earlier this week, I had the great pleasure of hanging out with April, of April’s Twisted Entertainment. She is a fantastic person and a brilliant artist, and we’re going to take this city by storm (with balloons)!

All the balloon art featured here is 100% her. I was just along for the cold and exhilarating ride. Despite purple fingers, we had a great time, and we can’t wait till the weather warms up so we can cover the city in bright and silly balloon installations.

You might recognize this Francis Scott Key statue from the yarnbomb I did this summer. We climbed up the snow and ice to add the giant wings she had originally made for the Polar Bear Plunge (but the event got canceled due to the weather). While we were up there, she made more flowers, a mustache, and a light bulb! Francis Scott Key’s sailor has an idea, don’tchyaknow.

When I first got to her house, I started giggling as I saw the giant bag of balloons. It’s hard to contain my excitement now, just looking at the picture. Look how it pops in the middle of the winter!

We went to the Hopkins Statue Garden, where I had previously added a scarf to a statue. She had this great idea to personify a bench, and tell me it’s not the cutest thing of all time?! (Does it remind anyone else of The Rugrats?)

On our walk back to my illegally parked car, she stopped to add a beautiful bow to this Mama Bear.

The sun went down, but that didn’t stop us. She tied some flowers to this bench and we posed with it.

And look at this guy!! Those eyeball balloons make me happy to be alive.

Lastly, we headed over to Edgar Allen Poe (he just had a birthday!), so April could give him wings. It was really cool because we drove by the statue and she knew what she wanted to do. Parking was hard to find, so she made the wings in the car. It was crowded, but I was very impressed.

We both agreed that this was our favorite installation that she did all day. Look how fancy he is now! Happy belated birthday, Mr. Poe.

Balloon Graffiti is brilliant and beautiful. The balloons can be made on the spot and are so much more malleable than you might think! I’m really excited about learning how to twist myself, and continuing this adventure with April, the professional entertainer.

Which installation is your favorite?