The next yarnbombing is different for a few reasons. It’s using a different kind of yarn that you have to pull apart to reveal a netted pattern and it’s kind of awkward to work with. I like the end result.. very flouncy, but the actual work was slightly annoying. Another reason it’s different is I sewed it to a statue! I’ve seen a lot of these examples like in the Yarnbombing book, but I hadn’t tried it yet.
I wanted to find a statue that didn’t have a lot of significance in terms of what it represented, because I didn’t want people to feel disrespected by my installation. I also wanted to find a statue that was low to the ground, so I wouldn’t have to use a ladder or do any climbing.There is a small sculpture/statue garden on Johns Hopkins University campus that my dad and great aunt took me to when I was a little girl. It was very weird being back there for the first time in 20 years and it seemed different but incredibly familiar. I chose the horse statue and a lot of students were walking past, even though it was Labor Day. So it seems like it’s an area with a lot of foot traffic, which is awesome!

I do have some bad news: yarnbombing #6 .. the one in my neighborhood.. has been taken down. This is why I want to live in Baltimore, not just visit. :-/