An Ode To Boobs | Uncustomary

An Ode To Boobs

I remember hating you
I remember looking at as many other pairs of boobs
as I could,
comparing them to mine

Mine weren’t full enough.
They was too much on the top,
not enough on the bottom.
My nipples were too big,
not perky enough.

As I gained weight,
they got saggier,
they got stretch marks,
my nipples got even bigger.

I remember the first time I showed you to someone.
It was my 17th birthday,
it was in the dark;
He told me,
“They’re not that bad”.

I put them back in a bra,
and fucked with my bra on for years after that,
because it really fucked me up.

As I learned to love my body,
and myself,
I learned to love my boobs.

I will never use my boobs to feed a baby
Some days they feel super sexual
most days I don’t even wear so much as a bralette,
lots of the time it just feels good to let them jiggle

I’m so grateful to work topless in my bed
and office chair,
to have friends who love my boobs,
to support all boobs, breasts, and chests

In whatever state they are in right now,
even if you don’t want them in the future,
to accept and love your body as you are today,
Because you are beautiful yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Photo: Maura Housley