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Do you have a blog, business, or shop that you’d like to promote to thousands of fun, creative, beautiful fans? Consider advertising on Uncustomary Art!

I’d love to work with you. I offer three size options. The smaller two are rotated for maximum coverage to viewers, and they come with organic Twitter shout outs throughout your month’s stay on my sidebar. The largest option not only comes with Twitter shout outs, but the opportunity to have a guest post on my blog!

The prices are super cheap, $2.50, $4, and $8 respectively. And guess what? I’m giving you a coupon code right now for a dollar off any of the sizes! Insanely creative coupon code: “dollaroff

Check out on this page, and don’t forget to enter your coupon code! If you’ve never used Passionfruit Ads before, it’s super simple and it will walk you through everything. If you need help creating an ad banner or resizing an existing one, please feel free to e-mail me!

Looking forward to working with you! Have an amazing weekend.