A Winter Of Self-Love: How To Look After Yourself In Lockdown | Uncustomary

The upcoming months are going to be the hardest of the year for many individuals. We have indeed made it through the first lockdown, but the second one is going to hit during winter. This means that the few opportunities to be outside are curbed, and the lethargic state we often fall victim to in winter might take over our personalities. 

However, a lockdown can also be a moment to focus on yourself, develop your knowledge and skill, grab exclusive opportunities, and thrive through these unusual circumstances. However, of course, healing your mind and getting hold of a creative and productive mindset is crucial. Here’s how.

Create a Comfortable Space in Your Home

Your home is your nest and shelter, and creating a space that allows you to feel at your best is paramount. It has become evident how much we rely on our homes for our well-being in the past months. And, if you have started to appreciate this aspect, designate a budget and learn more about how you can use the power of interior design to feel better.

You might decide to dedicate some space to a home office – something that you are likely to need if you wish to continue working from home. You might also decide to introduce natural elements and materials to feel closer to the natural world.

Get Moving – In Your Own Way

Exercise is among the most beneficial activities you can dedicate yourself to during this period. However, you should avoid beating yourself up if you just can’t love picking up weights or committing to 100 burpees. 

Instead, now you have the time to explore different ways to enhance your body’s strength, balance, and flexibility. For example, yoga is a mindful practice that can yield incredible benefits and relieve anxiety and depression symptoms. This might be a completely new way of moving and exercising for you, and you can test whether it is the right one for you.

Find Solutions That Work for You

Some alternative solutions might also help regain control over a positive mindset. After all, your feelings, emotions, and state of mind are personal to you. So, the solution you find and introduce should be too. 

Some people trust the process of journaling to be clearer on the goals of the day. Others, instead, have started to appreciate the power of crystals that help with depression.

Healing crystals have been used for centuries for their metaphysical properties, such as for relaxation and emotional balance. For calming vibes, soothing blue gemstones such as aquamarine, labradorite, or amazonite can be chosen – all of which are known for providing tranquility. When placed around the home or held in your hands for meditative activities these gems can work to reduce anxiety and induce a peaceful calmness. Not only helpful for relaxation, healing crystals come in many varieties and can also be used for manifesting desired outcomes when the right stones are selected for each purpose. In any case, now there is enough time for you to start researching and finding the right journey to embark on. 

Find the Help You Need

The self-love tips above can help you make the most out of the winter months ahead, giving you the chance to focus on yourself, practice self-love, and regain control over the positive mindset that has allowed you to get this far. However, today we are all living through an utterly unique situation, and it is only understandable to seek more help. This might come in the form of a friend, professional, mentor, or partner – just make sure you find the courage to speak out!