Your home should never be a stressful place. If there is one place that you should be able to rely on to be safe, secure, comfortable, and your own private sanctuary from the stresses and strains of modern life, it is your home. If you are finding that it is becoming more stressful being there, don’t worry; there are several things you can do about it, and you’ll soon be feeling much more relaxed.  

Remove Your Clocks 

Time is a manmade construct, and it’s stressful. Or rather, clocks are. So, if you have clocks in your home, remove them. You don’t need them hanging on the walls at all, and if you can take them down and sell them or donate them, you’ll find you are much less stressed. 

Of course, you’ll still be able to tell what the time is. If you wear a watch, have a smartphone, or use a computer, the time will be displayed readily for you to see. This is not a problem; it’s essential to know the time when you have deadlines and a schedule to keep. It’s the physical wall clock that is problematic rather than time itself. Having wall clocks ticking away in the room when you’re trying to relax will only serve to remind you that time is moving on, building up your stress levels. With no ticking clocks, this stress can be easily reduced. 

Don’t Make Your Fridge Door Scary 

You may never have considered your fridge door to be scary before. You might not even think about it much at all – if ever. However, subconsciously you might be causing yourself stress if you cover that fridge door with reminders and tasks and to-do lists. Every time you open the fridge, your stress levels will rise because you’ll see all the things you’re meant to be doing. Even walking past the fridge means you might accidentally catch sight of this information. 

Remove all of these things and put them elsewhere. Useful flyers for cabs, a personal injury attorney, takeout delivery services, or cleaning help can be filed in a special folder, for example. A cleaning service you might want to look into investing in is kitchen exhaust hood cleaning.

Replace these things with fun magnets that depict places you have been (or where you would like to go) or perhaps even photos of your family. This will make you much less stressed and will (perhaps subconsciously) make the kitchen more pleasant. 


Did you know that having a lot of items around you in your home is a stressful thing? Even if you can keep them relatively tidy, it can still make you feel uneasy, and when things are messy, it’s even worse. It’s no wonder that, when you get home from a busy day at work and only want to relax in your home, you find it hard when there are so many things around you, potentially in the wrong places or all piled up on one another. 

Decluttering will help you to have a much more stress-free home. Not only will it feel better, but there will be less work to do around the house too, as you won’t have to dust and clean so many items. Once you’ve done the hard work, coming from after a long day will be much nicer as you can start to relax immediately. Check out Rain City Maids house cleaning services for excellent decluttering results.

Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Most people focus on how their home looks and feel and rarely think about how it smells until something stinky invades their space. However, scents can be powerful triggers of memory and emotions. Certain scents, such as the fragrance of chamomile, lavender, and baby powder, can help induce relaxation and calmness.

Turn your home into a stress-free haven by making it smell amazing. You can get an aroma diffuser and use essential oils to add a pleasant fragrance to your space. Alternatively, you can burn aromatic copal resin incense for a soothing and invigorating smell. If you have a pet at home, do check if the aromas you want to use are safe for your animal companion. For example, essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, peppermint, pennyroyal, pine, sweet birch, and ylang ylang, are toxic to dogs.

Apart from using aromatic oils and incense, keeping your space clean ensures that your home stays fresh and good smelling. Also, adding indoor plants and airing out your home from time to time help improve indoor air quality.

Use More Natural Light 

Natural sunlight is a great mood enhancer, so the more you can let into your home, the better. Natural sunlight contains vitamin D, which many people are somewhat deficient in, so again, having more natural sunlight can only be a good thing. 

You might consider having a skylight installed as this will brighten up any room. If this is not possible, ensure you don’t have anything blocking your windows – as tempting as it is to use your windowsills as storage or a place to put your ornaments and photographs, this can mean you are getting less daylight into your home than is good for you. 

Switch Off Your Tech 

If you want your home to be a more relaxing and less stressful place, you should do something about the technology you use within it and switch it off — this idea mainly related to your social media and emails, of course. 

Social media is a great thing, allowing us to connect with people whom we might not otherwise get to see. From old school friends to family members and people we know from work, we can connect with anyone we want to. The problem is, along with the positives of social media, there are some serious negatives too, including seeing unpleasant news stories, reading mean comments, and being trolled yourself. This can all affect how stressed you are feeling. Add to this the fact that you can be contacted by your work or clients at any time, making you feel as though you have to respond even if you’re not working, and you can see how easy it is to lose your feeling of relaxation at home.