Your boy’s wedding is around the corner, and the entire squad wants nothing less than an epic bachelor’s party in Melbourne.

The city is a fine destination with world-class entertainment, bars, activities, and a vibe. It offers everything you need for an unforgettable send-off gift for the groom-to-be.

However, if you’re confused about all the choices, here are some fun ideas for inspiration!

1. Tour the breweries and pubs

No bachelor’s party is complete without alcohol. In fact, studies show that 47% of bachelor parties ranked dinner and drinks as the most popular activity!

Especially if the groom-to-be loves alcohol, why not make your boy’s last hurrah all about it?

Melbourne has lots of thriving breweries, wineries, and pubs across the city. To plan an unforgettable bachelor’s party, you can either join a guided tour and relax and let the guide take over. They’ll help you plan the perfect itinerary, and you won’t have to call the shots.

If you want to have control over your day, look up the best breweries and pubs. Make reservations for your tour and enjoy!

2. Charter a boat cruise with companions

Rent a private boat with music, DJ, drinks, breathtaking views, and alluring babes! This is your boy’s last time to get lucky, so arrange for a Melbourne companion from a reputable escort service.

Whether a lap dance, a steamy and passionate moment or getting down and dirty, arrange a gala time for him. 

To ensure every moment is fun, sing and dance along, play dirty games, and chug down on beers to make the night wild.

And don’t worry—escort service is completely legal in Melbourne. So, don’t hold yourself back and enjoy the best time of your life.

3. Sign up for clay pigeon shooting

If the groom loves outdoor activities and thrills, try out clay pigeon shooting—an exciting outdoor adventure whether you’re a novice or a seasoned shooter. Set out for a day of friendly competition.

You’ll get the opportunity to hold a real gun in your hands and learn to shoot from pros before starting. The instructors will ensure that you have the worth of your money by helping you ace shooting. So, don’t worry if you’ve never touched a gun!

In the end, cheer at each other’s aim or have a brief laugh at horrible aims. This will be a truly magnificent day indeed with all the firings!

4. Try the escape room challenge

Often, grooms feel the jitters right before the wedding and question their choices. They wonder whether it’s a good time to get married at all. Help him overcome such thoughts with a thrilling experience like an escape room.

Melbourne is home to several escape rooms, with a range of puzzles, code-cracking, and even fighting off zombies.

Channel all of your energy into the game and work up his adrenaline and brain. Throughout the game, show him that you guys always have his back and that he should always step forward confidently!

5. Let your inner child out while Go-Karting

If your friend loves games and speed, the Le Mans Go Karting track is the answer! Just 20 minutes away from Melbourne’s CBD, you can find this wonderful place. Known to be Australia’s largest indoor track, this is the perfect space to let your inner Mario Kart racer!

You can even select from a vast range of racing formats, such as grand prix-style events and endurance races.

Get ready to take down the corners with high speed and zoom past your mates. This is a perfect activity in exchange for a few dollars!

6. Tour in a helicopter

Another exhilarating activity for the bachelor’s party is zooming through the skies on a helicopter. Don’t just enjoy Melbourne from the land. Change your perspective while soaring in the air.

Enjoy Melbourne’s most iconic places from high above. Sit back, relax, and watch the city’s gorgeous coastlines. You can also opt for a tour during dawn or dusk to watch the water bodies glisten in the sunlight!

7. Enjoy a laid-back day on the golf course

If you want to help the groom-to-be relax before his big day, golf and beer are a great combination. Unwind with your bro on the fairways while you take in the beautiful scenery. Once you’re done, enjoy a nice meal and call it a day!


From stunning views in boats and finest drinks to a range of games and challenges, Melbourne has something for every groom-to-be. So, start planning immediately!