6 Wellness Practices from Around the World | Uncustomary

Your health and well-being are integral to your happiness, which is why they should always be a top priority. Incorporating wellness practices into your lifestyle can help you to feel more relaxed, positive, and energized. However, people respond differently to various wellness activities, so it’s important to discover what works for you. For inspiration, take a look at these six wellness practices from around the world now:

1. Acupuncture

Believed to balance energy, the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture can be used for a variety of purposes. From reducing migraines and resolving digestive issues to minimizing anxiety and relieving emotional trauma, millions of people rely on acupuncture to enhance their well-being. Burwood acupuncture practitioners offered holistic healing through traditional Eastern medicine techniques.

2. Friluftsliv

Originating in Norway, Friluftsliv literally means, ‘free air life’. Essentially, it refers to your relationship with the great outdoors. It’s well-known that spending time in nature can be a great way to boost your physical and emotional health, so incorporating Friluftsliv into your lifestyle is an effective way to enhance your happiness. What’s more – it’s something that easily translates to any area or region.

3. CBD

Popular in the USA, CBD can be prescribed by a doctor to treat epilepsy, but it can also be used recreationally. Many people eat CBD gummies for anxiety, for example. Believed to reduce stress and promote relaxation, oils, moisturizers, and tincture are also popular ways to incorporate CBD into your life.

6 Wellness Practices from Around the World | Uncustomary

4. Yoga

First developed in Ancient India, yoga has been used to promote wellness for centuries. Today, there are numerous different types of yoga to explore, including laughter yoga, Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga, and Ashtanga yoga. Physically, yoga can increase flexibility, enhance balance, relieve pain and boost heart health. When it comes to your emotional wellness, practicing yoga can help to improve your mood, promote good sleep and relieve stress. Whether you take part in a group class or practice yoga alone, it’s a great way to enhance your lifestyle.

5. Inemuri

Popular in Japan, Inemuri refers to taking short power naps throughout the day, which is something most of us could do with! However, the power naps used when practicing Inemuri are extremely short, sometimes just a minute or two, and they don’t involve falling fully asleep. Instead, you close your eyes and allow relaxation to transport you to a restorative dreamlike state.

6. Fika

If coffee or tea is a much-needed part of your day, why not make it part of your wellness routine? Instead of gulping down a coffee on your commute or rushing out of the door with a thermos, Fika involves sitting down, savoring in the moment, and appreciating the positives in life.

Incorporating Wellness into Your Life

When you begin to actively pursue wellness, you’ll notice just how powerful it can be. By embracing wellness practices from around the world, you can try a variety of different methods to enhance your physical and emotional well-being. By doing so, you’ll find the practices that are most effective for you and the ones that have a profoundly positive impact on your wellness.