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50 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

1. Wear as much green as you possibly can
2. Make packets of rainbow seeds
3. Do a pub crawl
4. Bring green candy into work or to share with friends or roommates
5. Prepare shamrock popcorn
6. Watch TV shows about St. Patrick’s Day like S11E08 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, S06E19 of The Office, or S06E12 of 30 Rock.
7. Take getting green in a different way and plant some flowers or a plant
8. Lead someone somewhere with rainbow yarn and have the end of the rainbow surprise be gold coins
9. Line up your craft supplies in a rainbow fashion (buttons, pom poms, etc.) and hashtag them with #crafttherainbow on Instagram
10. Make a cake decorated with Lucky Charms
11. Blow up gold Mylar balloons that spell out “lucky” and dance around with them
12. Fill a box with green goodies and mail it to a friend
13. Change out the buttons on your shirt for shamrock buttons (or rainbows– or both!)
14. Carry green shamrock stickers around with you all day to help out non-green wearers to be more festive
15. Learn the Irish jig
16. Make a DIY Leprachaun trap
17. Give your pet a bunch of shamrocks and green beads to roll around in
18. Drink green beer (bonus points if it’s Irish)
19. Do a St. Patrick’s Day wordsearch
20. Make a toilet paper leprechaun
21. Watch an Irish movie like The Boondock Saints, Once, or How To Be Happy
22. Or watch movies with Irish actors like Olivia Wilde, Colin Farrell, or Chris O’Dowd
23. Plan a trip to actually go to Ireland or even a place with a great festival like Chicago
24. Learn about various lucky charms like four leaf clovers and horse shoes
25. Kiss an Irish person

50 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day | Uncustomary

26. Listen to Irish-based bands like The Cranberries, Thin Lizzy, Dropkick Murphys, U2, and Flogging Molly.
27. Create and recite limericks
28. Create a rainbow balloon arch with two pots of gold at either end (use for a photo backdrop)
29. Learn the Irish blessing (and/or print it out)
30. Check to see if there’s a St. Patrick’s Day parade in your city and then attend it
31. Make rainbow slime
32. Knit or crochet a themed yarnbomb and install it somewhere outside
33. Don’t pinch anyone
34. Do some family history research and see if you are related to anyone Irish
35. Learn more about Ireland, the country where this holiday is originated in
36. Bust out your crayons for some St. Patrick themed coloring pages
37. Go on a search for four leaf clovers
38. Make layered rainbow pudding
39. Hunt for a pot of gold
40. Do an Easter Egg hunt type thing but with chocolate coins or foam shamrocks
41. Wear a rainbow tutu or just a rainbow outfit
42. Make a St. Patrick’s Day fortune teller
43. Dye your hair green or use that temporary hair spray at the party store
44. Decorate a bus shelter/stop with a bunch of green and rainbow decorations
45. Cover a beard in shamrocks or rainbows
46. Make a polka dotted “lucky” banner
47. Print out some other holiday decor
48. Bake Irish soda bread (even I can make it)
49. Tell some St. Patrick’s Day jokes
50. Dye white flowers green


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Photos by: Maura Housley