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When you get involved in the wonderful world of snail mail/mail art, you get the glorious task of shopping for much needed materials. And I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way. If you enjoy snail mail, it’s very likely that you like all the accompanying supplies that come with it. It can definitely get expensive, but I want to let you know what I consider to be higher priority materials. I extended the list to one hundred things, and you in no way need all one hundred to start making and sending mail art. In fact, the mail art community pretty much agrees that you in no way need to spend a lot of money (or any!) on your supplies to be considered a mail artist — that’s one of the many cool things about it! Recycled and found materials are encouraged, and it’s part of the charm of making pieces of art to send through the postal system.

That said, you might not know where to start with gathering supplies to get going so I wanted to provide you a list you can refer to. Really though, if you have a glue stick and the correct amount of postage, I am confident you can make some fabulous mail art using things you find on the street or in your home. But here we go…

100 Supplies For Making Mail Art

1. Pens
2. Glue sticks
3. Envelope opener
4. Scissors
5. Postage stamps (different denominations)
6. Envelopes
7. Mod Podge
8. Washi tape
9. Pouch for storage
10. Pencils
11. Artistamps
12. Stationery
13. (Permanent) markers
14. Rubber stamps
15. Ink pads
16. Assorted ephemera
17. Clear Scotch tape
18. Vintage/canceled postage
19. Fold and send stationery
20. Colored pencils
21. Hole punch
22. Xacto knife
23. Airmail labels/stickers
24. Envelope seals
25. Bone folder
26. Labels for writing addresses
27. Clear packing tape
28. Return address labels
29. Address book
30. Magazines (to cut up)
31. Pastels
32. Twine
33. Cardboard boxes
34. Bubble Mailers
35. Stickers
36. Watercolor palette
37. Paintbrushes
38. Paperclips
39. Incoming/outgoing mail log
40. Extra gifts to enclose
41. Card stock
42. Bubble Wrap
43. Tags
44. Doilies
45. Glitter
46. Greeting cards
47. Pre-bought postcards
48. Tape runner
49. Wax-seal kit
50. Stamp dispenser

100 Supplies For Making Mail Art | Uncustomary

51. Envelope liners
52. Butcher paper (thick brown paper)
53. Library pocket cards
54. Confetti
55. Moleskine
56. Blank labels
57. Perforation (or sewing) machine
58. Binder clips
59. Favor bags
60. Origami paper
61. Bingo circle markers
62. Small plastic bags
63. Block of rubber to carve out stamps
64. Airmail envelopes
65. Customs forms
66. Edged scissors (different patterns/designs)
67. Alphabet stickers
68. Sticky/Post-It Notes
69. Cutting mat
70. Novelty/shaped hole-punch
71. Glue dots
72. Brads
73. Ribbon
74. Stapler
75. Business cards
76. Fabric
77. Acrylic paint
78. Yarn
79. Die cuts
80. Recycled books
81. Old junk mail
82. Photographs
83. Buttons
84. Highlighters
85. Ruler
86. Gel pens
87. Super glue
88. Hot glue sticks
89. Crayons
90. Clipboard
91. Jewel cases
92. Glitter glue
93. Googly eyes
94. Stencils
95. Typewriter (and ribbons)
96. Rhinestones
97. Needle and thread
98. Paper flowers
99. Lace
100. Spray paint

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What are your must-have supplies for making mail art?