Tank Top, Boyfriend Jeans, and Blazers

Baggy jeans and a tank top are a cute combination. The loose fit of the bottoms pairs well with the snug fit of the top. A blazer, loose jacket, or cardigan over the outfit adds to the steeze of your overall outfit. During the colder months or as a fall transitional outfit, a trench coat can be a functional layer to keep off the cold. 

Another cute yet smart way to style blazer with jeans would be with a silk tee. You can blend the look with platform trainers when the setting isn’t too formal or opt for low slingbacks when you’re headed for work.

Cropped Blazers and Fitted Jeans

Image Credit: SunsetFashionLA

A perfect break from your classic blazers, tees, and jeans is a cropped blazer with jeans for women. This match is pretty spot on and walks the line between smart, cute, and comfortable. 

To properly step into your Barbie girl era, go for the pink and pink on blue like the model above. You can easily try out this look with the blazer from your two piece sets for women, a cozy knit sweater, and slim jeans from SunsetFashionLA. This signature staple is such an easy way to delve into your soft girl era and instantly feel put together in your style.

Turtleneck Top, Blazers and Oversized Denim

Image Credit: IG@ooliviamiller

Toning down your formal blazers is a lot easier when you slip your oversized denim into the picture. You’ve probably been stuck on satin skirts, tee-length skirts, and tailored pants all week. But do you know, the denim pants living rent-free at the bottom of your wardrobe for the weekends can warm up your work outfits?

A casual blazer with jeans, knit, and boots combo is hands down the most worn denim and blazer style during the Fall and winter seasons. The thick cozy layers ward off the cold and put you in a comfy feel. A basic white and black striped top can replace the turtle neck top as well.

Standard Oversized Blazers and Denim Shorts

Image Credit: IG@co_ri_nn 

If you’re looking for how to style a blazer with jeans, shorts particularly, best believe this blend will be the instant confidence boost you need to step out in style. A plain or graphic tee under your blazers can elevate the look effortlessly. Your blazers and jeans with some matching frames and kicks will keep you comfortable throughout any casual setting. 

Plaid Blazer, Button Down Shirt on Denim

Image Credit: IG@the_style_fairy 

Blazers styled with a button-down shirt can fit into your daily work wear looks and still look super appropriate. A brown plaid blazer, black crop top, and light-wash mom jeans can be a Pinterest-worthy pick when going on a coffee run. 

When in doubt, go for a staple blazer, white button-down, and blue skinnies. You can switch the jeans with Spanx leggings and the shirt with a tank top when you’re not in a denim mood. 

To amp up your simple jeans with blazer outfit, sunglasses, a scarf, and a belt are budget-friendly options. You can tuck in your shirt and strap it on with a black belt, then don a chic scarf and dark sunnies to seal in the vibes. 

The Most Trendy Colors of Blazers

When planning how to wear a blazer with jeans, you should also keep in check the colors that are currently in fashion. It’s best to go for the classics so you don’t ditch them after the trends. Here are some of the classics having their moments in the fashion space at the time:

  • Black
  • White
  • Plaid colors – Green, Blue, Ash, and Brown
  • Brown shades – Tan, Coffee, Taupe, and Chocolate 
  • Cream shades – Beige, Khaki, and Camel
  • Pink shades – Burnt Sienna, Coral, and Neon Fuschia


For all eventualities, a blazer can inject some smart doses while your pair of jeans, the necessary casual shots. The inspos above should not limit how to wear a blazer with jeans for you. There are times when you can whip out a new blend from your closet and look super stylish. As long as you feel comfortable and look pretty, you’re ready to go. Whether you’re headed for work, a shopping trip, exploring a new city, or grabbing a cup of coffee, these blazer with jeans for women are statement-making combos.