It’s possible to play a round of golf alone. That might be suitable for someone who sees the game as a solitary activity, a way to get away from it all, and to zone out to some degree. For most other people though, golf is a shared sport that definitely has a social element to it. While it’s possible to play with a random group or be the fourth player in a regular team that is down a player due to sickness or absence, it’s usually better to play with your friends. Here are five reasons why playing golf with your friends is better. 

1. Things Can Be Set Up to Handle Rough Treatment

Whether it’s your golfing clubs, having extra balls on hand to replace the lost ones, or using the toughest golf cart seat covers, it all needs to handle rough treatment. If your friends are playing and they’re more of the rough and tumble type, cheap gear won’t survive it. In which case, the cart with covers where they can take a beating is necessary. This way, they won’t wear out, and nothing will get destroyed. Then you can breathe a sigh of relief and have fun with the team. If you’re interested in getting  new golf cart, you can check the yamaha golf cart price. Yamaha is known for producing reliable and durable vehicles. Their golf carts are built with quality materials and engineering, which can contribute to long-lasting performance.

2. They’re More Likely to Say Yes

People get busy. They are not always able to play a round of golf when it’s convenient for you. Other than playing golf, people who only connect that way don’t feel the need to maintain commitments. That’s different with friends who also happen to play golf together too. For friends who double as golfing buddies, they will feel a greater need to meet their commitments. They won’t wish to let you or the team down by canceling to take part in another activity. Golfing friends usually take their golfing meetups more seriously. 

3. The Emphasis Is Usually on the Fun

While some friends can become hugely competitive with each other to see who can win, most friends just want to have fun at the golf club. A good match is what they’re after, not points on the scorecard. This means that spirits are usually high, optimism is up, and everyone wants to have fun. You don’t even need the best equipment to have fun. Just get yourself a good set of beginner golf clubs.

4. A Way to Resolve Differences

Sometimes, friends can argue and have a falling out. It then becomes difficult to get them onto neutral ground to settle their differences. When other friends want to end the conflict so that the atmosphere isn’t toxic, then pulling everyone together for a friendly game of golf is a good answer. While there may be some awkward stares at first, teaming up forces people to be more cooperative. This helps to get them talking again and to resolve things once and for all. 

5. Win Bragging Rights

Let’s face it, sometimes your friends beat you in other aspects of life. Maybe they’re in a high-flying career and you feel left behind. Or they out-earn you and you feel a bit miffed about it. You require some way to save face and get some kudos from them. 

Playing golf together might be a way to win some bragging rights that are missing elsewhere. If you’re able to teach them a thing or two that you have picked up along the way, even better. Another way to win bragging rights is to know what the best golf drivers are, which you can find at The Left Rough.

While it can still be enjoyable to play with business contacts, a boss, or a significant other for that matter, playing with friends is a unique experience. If you have never done it, you should try it. You may be surprised by how much it enhances your enjoyment of golf.