Have you gotten so used to the look of your interiors and exteriors at home? Or you may have a commercial space for profit, and you need more ideas on how to revamp the look of a space. Have you thought of decorating the floors? 

Today’s post will give you fun and exciting ways to upgrade your floors. Here is a quick preview of what topics we will cover for today. 

  1. Decorative Concrete (Stamp, Stain)
  2. Patterned Tile
  3. 3D Epoxy Flooring
  4. Colorful Paint
  5. Add carpets/rugs

Flooring upgrade 101: 5 Fun ways to redecorate the floors

The flooring spaces at home or any commercial areas would make a big transformation by applying decorative flooring methods.

1- Decorative concrete

The first idea that you may want to learn about is decorative concrete. This flooring application makes a practical and cost-efficient choice, and you can easily search for “decorative concrete near me.” Concrete floorings are sustainable materials, and the raw components are easy to find. 

Decorative concrete floor installation is also convenient, and the step only takes a single pour of a concrete flooring mix. Once the wet concrete is in place, a flooring expert from JJRM Flooring can easily create decorative accents naturally patterned on the concrete slab. Concrete staining and stamping are standard methods used in concrete.

A stamped overlay concrete allows you to use the existing concrete slab. On the other hand, staining is done in two ways wherein a concrete pigment is applied using either water or acid solution. Stamped is specifically for outdoors floors, while staining is usually for indoors.

You may need to prepare the surface by resurfacing it into a new polished slab for adequate adherence to the stain or the stamp. Either way, these flooring methods save you from expensive replacement and time-consuming hauling of cement blocks.

2- Patterned Tile

Next, is a conventional application using patterned tiles. You may already have these set up in certain areas around your property. But usually, you would only use plain single-colored tiles, which are easy to decorate and set up with any theme or design motif. 

But if you want some upgrading, why not level up your use of conventional tiles by using patterned ones. Why not try exploring framed or bordered tiles, and these look perfect for the pool decks. Or you may want to use decorative concrete as well, but custom-made it with patterned tile designs. You can work with expert contractors such as Stamped Concrete Patio Kansas City, specializing in overlay patterns and custom designs for outdoor floors. 

Another option is to combine outdoor floor materials like tiles and concrete or pavers. 

3- 3D Epoxy Flooring

When you look for fun flooring, the 3D application with epoxy floors is the one to beat. Exciting floor patterns and design are what epoxy offers, and custom floors are the real goal of epoxy floor coating. Nothing else had innovated the flooring industry than the use of epoxy. 

3D images and optical illusion floors are best used in retail areas or mall strips. Even garages used as showrooms would instantly become an attraction with 3D images popping out of the floors. Have you seen chalk artist like David Zinn who draws on the cement and concrete floors everywhere? 

You can take inspiration from street artists that also create visual sceneries or animated profiles on the floors. You can adapt their ideas and make attention-catching floor space for your commercial areas. Or have your company’s logo on the flooring space. 

4- Colorful paint

If you are still waiting for your decision to apply a permanent epoxy on the floor, why not try looking at the flooring designs using paint. Paint is a conventional material to add decor and protection to the flooring. 

Floor paint makes a practical choice for providing slip resistance to the surface. Also, it comes in colorful variants making it the common choice for homeowners to use for concrete spaces or wooden floors. 

Although the material is not as durable and long-lasting as epoxy, paint can be easily customized. Whenever you need a change, you can easily strip the paint away using the right solution and repaint as much as you like. 

5- Add carpeting

The most convenient and effective way to add flare to concrete flooring spaces is with carpets and rugs. 

These materials are comfortable to use, and they come in thousands of designs and patterns, also textures. 

Carpets and rugs are your best choice when you do not want too much hassle or maintenance activities around the floor areas. You can easily attach and detach them if you do not wish to use carpets anymore. Thye is also easy to use and clean, and it’s highly user-friendly and fast to set up on the floors.