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Giving the gift of a personalized tumbler or mug can make a simple gift means so much more. Even if you just want to have something personalized for yourself a tumbler or mug is an excellent thing to have personalized. Whether you have custom coffee mugs made or DIY it, it makes a simple item that you use everyday into something a bit more meaningful.

Probably the best way to personalize a mug is using DIY techniques. They are easy to do and yield great results with a more personal touch. Sometimes you just need a few ideas to get you started on making great tumblers and mugs for you and the people you love.

This is a list of a few ideas for great ways to personalize tumblers and mugs for gifts or just for fun. There are a lot of different ways to make everyday items your own and your cups are a great place to start. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started.

1. Oil Paint Markers

If you are looking for an easy but creative start, this is it. Oil paint markers are an excellent tool to use on your porcelain mugs to make beautiful and precise designs. If you want a mug with a cute little quote or pattern on it then this is the way to go.

All you need to make this work is oil paint markers, sharpie makes some, an oven and porcelain mugs. Clean your mugs off to give yourself a clean, oil-free workspace and then get to work. Once you have a design you like just bake it in the oven at 350 for about thirty minutes for your finished product.

These paints and mugs are dishwasher safe so you should be able to wash them easily without any of your design rubbing off. This is a great way to make a very personal mug without doing a lot of work. These pens make beautiful designs and are very easy to use.

2. Epoxy Glitter Tumbler

If you like glitter with your coffee this is absolutely the craft for you. These also make excellent mothers day gifts if you are having trouble finding just the right thing. For this craft, all you need is a tumbler. Glitter, mod podge, and epoxy. 

Paint a layer of mod podge onto the outside of your tumbler and then cover that in your preferred glitter. You can do that part in sections to make the glitter easier to control or all at once if you don’t mind a bit more of a mess. Once all of that is dry, probably wait a night or so, then you just wipe off the excess glitter and slowly pour the epoxy mixture onto the tumbler smoothing as you go.

You can mix a bit of glitter directly into your epoxy if you want the outside layer to be a little sparkly as well. The most important part of making your tumbler look good is carefully pouring your epoxy and smoothing as you go so you have a polished look. After that, you just have to wait for the whole thing to dry.

3. Spray Paint

5 Awesome Ways To Personalize Your Tumblers & Mugs | Uncustomary

For a simple but fun look on a mug or a tumbler, all you need is some spraypaint. You can do a lot of different things with spray paint to get a beautiful finished result. Pick out a few colors of spray paint and some tape and get started.

You can tape off sections of the mug or tumbler to have a cute color blocking effect. You can change the amount you spray to create an ombre look. You can even mix colors and spray randomly to make a tye-dye or more wild effect.

Spray paint is very easy to use so this is a good way to start your design. You can spray paint a mug or tumbler before you do other designs or glitter on top to get just the right color underneath or to add some color to your kitchen. Spray paint is an excellent crafting tool.

Spray painting is fun, but don’t forget to exercise caution and safety while having your fun. Spray paint contains chemicals that may irritate (or worse, cause irreparable damage to) your skin. Wear a quality pair of disposable nitrile gloves to protect your hands. Who says getting artsy and creative has to be dangerous? Not us!

4. Photo Tumbler

You can buy a clear photo tumbler for relatively cheap and then make your very own photo tumbler. All you need is the tumbler, a photo printed on card stock, and some scissors. This is a very simple craft that results in an incredibly personal gift.

The most important part of this project is making sure you measure the tumbler carefully so you can get the right-sized picture. If the picture is too tall or too long it will not have the right effect. Once you have the tumbler measured and the picture printed out, you just cut the excess and stick it into the mug.

It is a very simple craft that ends in a beautiful picture that you get to carry around and look at all day. This is an excellent gift for grandmas and mothers. There is something very special about being able to see the people you love every time you take a drink of your coffee.

5. Create A Sticker

Cute stickers on tumblers and mugs are very popular right now. Unfortunately. Many of those stickers are a bit expensive. Luckily, it is easy to make your own.

Trace the design you want onto some outdoor vinyl. You can find vinyl at pretty much any craft store or supply store. Cut out your design and then put transfer tape on top of your cut out design. 

Peel off the vinyl backing and then place the design onto your tumbler or mug. You should have your customized sticker left behind. This is a great way to create something custom without spending the money customized stickers usually require.

To Conclude

5 Awesome Ways To Personalize Your Tumblers & Mugs | Uncustomary

Creating a personalized tumbler or mug is a great way to make a gift more personal. There are a lot of different ways to create something beautiful without breaking the bank or taking a lot of time. This list has been a few great ways to customize your own tumblers and mugs.

Markers are always a fun way to make a mug your own. Glitter and spray paint make everything better, and a family picture will look beautiful in your tumbler. Even just drawing your own sticker can make a common item more exciting and personal.

All of these DIY methods are fun and rewarding. Everything on this list can be found at any craft supply store easily. These are just a few of the awesome ways you can personalize your tumblers and mugs.