Human sexuality is diverse and complex. It accompanies us from the very beginning, undergoes changes, and evolves with us as we grow and mature. It’s an essential part of our lives and can affect us in many ways. Discovering your sexuality is a process that can’t be neglected. Finding out what’s right for you is the key to a healthy relationship with yourself and others. If you want to learn how you can discover your sexuality, keep on reading!


That’s right; once again, masturbation tops the list. It’s the easiest way that can put you on tracks of self-care and self-exploration. Masturbation has numerous physical and mental health benefits, no matter your gender, sexuality, or experience. It helps you establish a bond with yourself and feels really good, boosts your libido, improves sleep, and relieves stress and tension. During masturbation, you get to explore your body and connect with your deepest fantasies as you let your mind wander freely. Pay attention to what gets you in the mood. Maybe you have some recurring thoughts? Next time you have some “you” moment, roll with them and explore them to the fullest. Thanks to masturbation, you gain confidence in the way you like to be stimulated, and you can later communicate your needs and desires better during partnered sex.

Use adult toys

Whether you’re on your own or with a partner, adult toys should be your number one choice if you want to spice things up. Adult toys help you explore your sexuality and improve your sex life in unexpected ways. There are countless types, models, shapes, and sizes, specifically designed to give you sexual satisfaction. You can even take your sexual exploration to the next level with realistic sex dolls. Even better, you don’t have to be sexually experienced to enjoy a session with a sex toy of your choice. You can bring your masturbation game to a new level and find exciting ways in which your body likes to be stimulated. What’s more, there are so many options to choose from that you can freely explore your wildest desires. Without a doubt, adult toys are great for solo use. However, when used in a relationship, they can revolutionize your bedroom game and make things more exciting again. Whether you decide to explore your sexuality alone or with a partner, using adult toys can be a great call.

Aside from the usual adult toys, there are uncommon toys, such as male enhancement sleeves and hard or automatic pumps that were originally made for men with erectile dysfunction, that are now widely used by more men. Explore and try new adult toys to keep the fire burning.

Watch porn

Porn is often demonized and gets a bad reputation. While concerns about porn are not completely unfounded, watching porn has benefits, too. Pornography allows you to explore your deepest fantasies. You may find out that what you considered weird has an entire category dedicated to it. If selected ethically and appropriately, pornography can support the diversity of sexual experiences and helps you find out what gets you excited. If you decide to go down the rabbit hole, it can be a truly eye-opening experience. However, remember to come back to the surface! Don’t hold on to unrealistic standards and expectations. Look for inspiration, but don’t let it replace the real experience.

Speak up

Talking about your sexuality can be extremely liberating and can help you discover new things about yourself. If you have unresolved issues, traumatic experiences, or simply need support, consider seeing a therapist or a social worker. It’s a positive commitment to yourself and a healthy sign that you’re actively working to understand yourself and grow as a person. Also, talk in a safe space where you can casually express your feelings, i.e., in a group of open-minded friends. Learning to exchange your thoughts and opinions casually can help you, later on, to talk about your needs with your partner. Remember that exploring yourself doesn’t require an audience. However, if you’re comfortable with it, speak about anything you want. Other people’s input can help you discover new ways to enjoy your sexuality even more.

Remember that you should value your sense of comfort and well-being. Discovering your sexuality is exciting, but also a delicate matter. That’s why it’s important to realize where your boundaries are and don’t let anyone cross them. If you’re doing sexual activities alone, don’t continue if you feel discomfort or simply don’t enjoy the experience. You don’t have to force yourself to go through anything. However, it’s even more important to stop when you’re with another person (or people), and the situation goes south. As soon as you feel uncomfortable and no longer enjoying yourself, tell your partner to stop. If you don’t like what’s going on, be vocal about it. Negative experiences can badly reflect on your sex life later on, so make sure you protect yourself against them.

Discovering your sexuality is a process that takes a lifetime. However, feel free to try at least some of these methods. You’ll definitely learn something new about yourself, and you won’t waste your time on mediocre experiences. Remember to be reasonable, avoid abusive partners, and above all, stay safe! Your sexuality should be your source of joy and pleasure. Take care of it and observe how other areas of your life start to improve!