Here’s the thing about your home…


Rented or bought, you’re the person living in it, and so what you do with the space you live in is entirely up to you. Well, if you’re renting, you probably can’t go overboard with renovations, but you know what we’re saying.

You see, while it’s okay to consider interior design trends, and while it’s understandable that you might want to appeal to the masses, at the end of the day, you have to enjoy the space you are living in, and without your personality infused into your living space, then you might not feel completely satisfied when you’re living day by day in your property. 

After all, as our website’s slogan suggests, you need to LIVE THE HAPPY LIFE YOU DESERVE, so when it comes to your home, do what makes you happy, even if your mother doesn’t agree or your best mate rolls her eyes when she walks into your living room.

So, what could you do to infuse your personality into your home? Well, it’s entirely up to you, but here are some suggestions that might be helpful.

#1: Make room for your creative side

4 Ways To Infuse Your Personality Into Your Home | Uncustomary

Our first piece of advice is this. If you have a spare room in your home, let that be a place where you can get creative, whatever that might be. Draw, write, make crafts, play music…whatever you do, fill your room with the tools you need to let your creative juices flow.

And then highlight your creativity in your home. While you could confine your pieces to your spare room, you could also display them around your home. So, hang up your art wherever you see fit. Display your crafts on shelving. Record your music and then pump it through your home speakers. Frame your poetry and put it on your walls.  If you want to go above and beyond, you can even remodel your kitchen or your flooring, but be sure to reach out to construction estimating services first if this is on your to-do list. Painting your kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen that needed splash of color. These are the things that you have created, and so, in honor of your brilliance, your home should be an extension of your talents.

#2: Showcase your hobbies

What hobbies do you enjoy? Think about it, and then consider ways to bring them into your home decor. So, if you’re into movies, you might display film posters on your walls. If you collect anything specific, you might add them to your shelves or behind cabinets (especially if your best mate regularly brings her sticky-fingered children with her). Do you enjoy music? You might create wall art with LP covers. Enjoy spending time in the garden? Bring some of the flowers you have grown into your home, and if you have the wall space, you might even set up a living garden indoors. And if you have won any awards for your hobbies, then proudly display them. Be they framed certificates on the walls or trophies on your shelving units, showcase them for both aesthetic reasons, and as something to lift you up and remind yourself of your brilliance when you’re having a down day.

#3: Design your living room your way

As we suggested earlier, you don’t have to stick to modern trends. It has to be about your tastes, so while we wouldn’t recommend mixing too many colors and patterns around your living room for aesthetic reasons, you can still ignore home decor rules if you want to and do whatever it is that pleases you. Polka dot wallpaper? Lime green furniture? If it floats your proverbial boat, then go for it. After all, the patterns and the colors that you choose are another extension of your personality – if you like them, and especially if you aren’t sharing your home with another, then it doesn’t necessarily matter what anybody else thinks

#4: Create a gallery wall

4 Ways To Infuse Your Personality Into Your Home | Uncustomary

Do you have a blank wall in your home? If so, create a gallery wall that displays those items that represent you in someway. So, it might include framed photographs of you, as well as pictures of friends and family. You might want to buy art online for your gallery wall too, and if you have any memorabilia, such as old cinema tickets and postcards, you might want to fit them into your wall design as well. In short, your gallery wall should be an extension of your life; a collection of everything that showcases who you are and what you enjoy. Check out this advice on creating a gallery wall, and take note of the design tips within. Of course, within the context of this article, how you design your wall is entirely up to you, although you might find the linked advice useful for inspiration if you need it.

And so…

We have given you some ideas on how to infuse your personality into your home, and we hope they were useful to you. Still, it’s your home, and for all we know you might have ideas that we haven’t even considered, in which case, go for it and put them into action.

Thanks for reading!