In 2011, I signed up for a 365 Days Of Mail Art project, and it kind of changed my life. First of all, even though I had been sending snail mail for years, I barely had any prior experience with mail art, and it forced me to learn as I went. It was also incredibly rewarding to realize my potential includes production of that quantity.

That year for me wasn’t great, personally. I lost my grandma and I was in the process of changing medications which left me in a miserable state for months on end, but despite those things I can look at 2011 as positive overall because of that project.

Red Bow Yarnbomb | Uncustomary Art

I’ve decided to do this again, instead with guerrilla art! For my first Fun A Day art show in 2013, my daily activity was to do a street art installation in Baltimore every day for a month. It was pretty intense (mainly because I worked forty miles away, and I had to drive there every day in rush hour), but again, overall, it was absolutely awesome. Having a daily project like this truly forces you to get in the zone with your creativity.

My project started on December 25, 2014 and will continue until Christmas Day in 2015. My rules are lenient, but simple. An installation or project does not need to be done every single day, but I’m not allowed to “fall behind”, i.e. I can do multiple projects in advance, in preparation for a day that I might not be able to do one, but I can’t “catch up”. I always need to be on track, or ahead of the game. Every installation counts as the same thing, whether it’s a project that took me twenty minutes or two months to work on. It can be guerrilla kindness, an interactive installation, or a yarnbomb; it doesn’t matter. It doesย not have to be in Baltimore City, it can just be in my neighborhood.

Red Bow Yarnbomb | Uncustomary Art

I’ll obviously be documenting each day, but I’ll be sharing them at my leisure. It might be out of order and sporadic, or it might just be the image I use for a How To Guide. You’ll just have to wait and see! (The photos today are the red bow yarnbomb that I did in my front yard on Christmas Day, AKA Day 1.)

Anyway, I just wanted to announce this so you (and I) can hold me accountable! I’d love to hear if you’ve ever tried a 365 project, what you learned from it, and if you’d do one again! And Iย definitely want to hear if you’re doing one in 2015! Wish me luck, loves.

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