Everyone sooner or later faces pressure from the outside, when others begin to dictate what kind of person they need to be. At work, you need to be an executive employee, at home — a good hostess, in bed — a hot thing, etc. Society imposes stereotypes of behavior in certain situations, and if a person does not know who he is, then there is a risk of losing himself by playing all these social roles. You can take a break from everything and relax by playing real casino slots online.

However, it is not easy to get to know your real self, it is often very difficult. After all, you need to get to the real essence, which is hiding behind a pile of social masks.

Why Do You Need to Understand Yourself?

When we know ourselves and understand who we are, it is much easier to live. It is no longer difficult to determine where the true desires are and where the imposed ones are. It is much easier to manage yourself and achieve your goals when you have an idea of talents and strong qualities, and you can use them to the maximum. And you can choose suitable goals that correspond to values, abilities, skills, and not generally accepted standards.

When a person truly knows himself, he can discover a huge resource for self-improvement. Imagine how much easier life would be for you if you found out:

  • Your true values
  • What do you have a passion for
  • Your real desires
  • Your goals that light up your eyes
  • What gives life meaning
  • Your patterns of behavior
  • Your judgments
  • Your fears
  • Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Your mental injuries
  • And much, much more…

Life consists of many such small details, and each person has his own unique set of such details. Like a personal Lego set. Only here’s the bad luck, these details need to be found in a pile of everything else, and no one has told me how to determine whether this detail is mine or not.

A person who knows himself well, every detail of life has its own, not imposed from the outside. He found it and carefully kept it, replenishing the collection with new finds. Gradually, their details of life are formed into a harmonious pattern of life, where there is everything you need for happiness.

Method 1: Self-Observation

The easiest and most accessible way for everyone. A person by himself is an excellent source of information about what he is. But often the restless brain is busy with anything, the head is full of different thoughts that a person ceases to notice. The taste of food is no longer felt, the sensations of the body are dulled, it is difficult to determine one’s physical well-being or emotional state, there is complete confusion in desires…

To break this vicious circle, you need to observe yourself for at least a week and notice the subtle details that were there before, but for some reason, we did not notice them. And what makes me happy? What was delicious to me? Do I feel good about this person? How do I feel? What do I like and what don’t I like?

Method 2: Writing a Diary

A diary is one of the most powerful tools for working on yourself. It’s one thing to just watch yourself, but you can just forget it in the maelstrom of events. And it’s quite another thing to record your observations. Keeping a diary helps to cultivate awareness, which automatically makes a person deeper and wiser.

Open your notebook and right now write something that excites you, thoughts that have been spinning circles in your head for days. The paper will tolerate everything and will not condemn, and your brain will unload. This is how free writing works. The habit of writing 1-2 pages every day about anything can sometimes replace personal therapy with a psychologist.

Method 3: Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is very similar to keeping a diary, but it requires analysis.

In general, a person is a hostage of habits, the vast majority of actions we do automatically. Reflection helps to analyze the actions performed and the results obtained. Thinking over the perfect choice, actions, and their consequences, a person gets a clear understanding of what worked and what didn’t. Based on this, he can adjust his path, leaving successful strategies and discarding erroneous ones.

The habit of self-reflection transforms life. A person becomes flexible and practically invulnerable, quickly learns from mistakes made, and finds successful solutions. By performing any action and knowing what result you want to achieve, you will quickly understand with the help of analysis whether this action is correct. If not, you can quickly “change your shoes” and do something else until you achieve the desired result.