Reading books on a regular basis is an excellent way of deepening your understanding on various topics, exploring amazing worlds of the imagination, and destressing after a long day at work.


For all that, though, reading books is quite a niche interest – with only a small percentage of the population regularly reading books of any sort.


But whether you are interested in learning more about topics raised by platforms such as DTSS U.S. banking scam, or whether you just love a good adventure tale, there are all sorts of serious benefits to reading more.


Apart from entertainment, imagination, and insight, there’s even research showing that people who regularly read fiction novels experience growth and development throughout various regions of their brains, not seen in people who engage in other pastimes such as watching TV shows.


Here are just a few tips for fitting more reading into your everyday life.



Reduce “reading resistance” as much as possible – this might involve buying an e-reader


There’s a good chance that, even if you like the idea of reading more and have a collection of books on standby, you nonetheless find yourself struggling to routinely work up the energy and motivation to actually do the reading itself.


This kind of “reading resistance” can be caused by many different things, including a low-level frustration at having to cart a book around, mark the right page, avoid dirtying the pages, and so on.


Although these might all sound like very minor potential concerns, there’s good psychological evidence that many of our habits are influenced primarily through subtle features that make them “easier” or “more irritating” to engage in.


Reduce reading resistance as much as possible. Among other things, this might involve buying an e-reader that makes it easy for you to just knock out a page or two whenever you have a few free moments.



Select books that you actually find fun and interesting, first and foremost


If reading books feels like a chore to you, there’s a good chance that you just aren’t choosing the right books to read, in the first place.


More or less regardless of what your particular interests may be, you can be sure that there will be books out there which address those topics in a way that you’ll find fun, interesting, and engaging.


If you want to do more reading in general, start by selecting books that you actually find fun and interesting, first and foremost. You should feel motivated to turn the page. It should never feel like a chore.



Set aside a regular block of time each day for reading – for example, just before bed


Often, people don’t manage to fit reading into their daily routines, simply because they don’t allow enough time for it.


If your normal routine keeps you completely busy from morning to bedtime – whether that’s due to work, hobbies, or other forms of entertainment – reading is likely to constantly be put on the back bench.

Set aside a regular block of time each day for reading. For example, just before bed, as a way of winding down.