The only purpose of this finite human life is to live it beautifully and to the very best of your efforts.


Comparing how your life is with others, especially on social media, is no key to gauging the quality of life.


Also, you cannot measure your success in life by constantly looking into what people you know might be doing.


These are pernicious habits and must be nipped in the bud. These will only stress you out and trigger your pre-existent mental health conditions, if any.


Living a quality life does not mean checking how much you have achieved. It rather means checking if you are happy with what you have achieved.


All that is Wrong with Being Productive to the Point of Unhealthy Competition:


People are going through some incredibly tough times in the wake of the global pandemic. And they are doing everything they can to keep themselves busy and happy.


But this has also led to the development of some very unhealthy coping mechanisms.


People, especially those of the social media generation, have jumped into the bandwagon of some disturbing competitive metrics. Everyone wants to flaunt their lives and show how productive they have been in these times.


And while being busy and learning new skills is great, one should remember that this is not a competition.


And that is why it is imperative to address this issue once and for all. Be productive, but do not stress yourself out doing the same.


And if you needed some inspiration as to how you could do so, here are a few tips for you.

Some Tips to Avoid Being Stressed Out While Being Productive:


It is excellent that you are learning new languages, experimenting with food and trying out yoga.


But you also need to recognize if you are gyrating towards a mental breakdown with these habits.


Do what you are doing for yourself, and not for rebranding your social media. People have too much going on in their own lives to care for your social media.


However, if you want to inspire more people, by all means, go ahead! However, learning to draw that line between the real and virtual life is the need of the hour.


Here are a few things that you can do to avoid being stressed out or fatigued.

Take Small Breaks between Office Work and Household Chores


We shall begin with the basics. Most of you are working from home now. And this makes managing your household chores all the more difficult.


You have to juggle work and home and effectively so. It is not that easy. But remember to take breaks in between. Take a power nap of 20 minutes.


Play games on reputed gaming sites, or trusted online casinos in Australia or wherever it is that you are located.


Drink a lot of water and have some snacks in between work.These are healthy habits that will boost your productivity and not stress you out.


And while you are at it, keep social media at bay. Do not live on your screens all the time. It shall not do you any good.


Read a Book or Cook Something Good, But Not for Instagram:


It is understandable that you want to show the world how productive you have been. It is definitely an achievement that you would want to share with people.


But seeking for constant validation from the virtual world can also stress you out and trigger anxiety.


Cook something new, learn a new language, but not just because you need to post it instantly. Do these because they make you happy.


Not getting the desired number of likes and comments could result in a blow to your self-confidence. Why would you want to do that yourself?


And in case you really want to post something on your profile, do so without expecting people to validate you. You do you!


Your self-esteem must not depend on what the social media ecosystem has to think about you.

Do Not Compare Productivities


Every single person is unique and beautiful in their own ways. It is inane and puerile to compare our life with someone else’s.


And it is also unfair to you as well as others to compare productivities. Like we mentioned earlier in the article, it does not matter how much you achieve.


It matters how happy you are with what you have achieved. Also, always remember that different people work at different paces.


Your friend is not more productive because she finished her work in 2 hours, and you took 3 hours. It just means that you both have different paces.


And that is why, you must refrain from comparing productivities.

Final Words: Remember that Social Media is Only a Tailored Reality


You see what they show you. You see that the dish is palatable and looks good. But you might not know that it took several shots to get that perfect Instagrammable picture.


And the kitchen is probably in a complete mess. Social media is not real.


It is just a customized fragment of the real world. You know of the promotion of your distant friend.


But you probably do not know that her mental health is coming apart at the seams. Accept your reality and give rawness a chance. That is how you can be at your productive best without stressing yourself out!