We live in a fast-paced world; a world that only values achievement, a world that we can, in no way possible, catch up to. There will always be people more successful and higher up the ladder. If you are busy playing catch up all the time, who’s going to LIVE the life for you? You only get this one life. Are you really going to spend it all chasing some things nobody has been able to chase down?


It’s important to take a breather now and then and to enjoy yourself and life as it unfolds. When was the last time you missed a sunset/ sunrise because you were just too caught up in the routine? When was the last time you stopped to smell a rose? Here are some ways you can celebrate yourself and your accomplishments.

Be grateful 

Your life is the biggest blessing you have been given. It carries all the other blessings that we enjoy every day. You have been given to you! It is hence, very important that we are thankful for ourselves and also the gift that is life. When you stop and take a few moments to ponder over yourself and your life, you become aware of how truly blessed you are. This feeling is missing otherwise as we are too busy wrapping up one thing or another. 


Strengthen your self-belief

Celebrating yourself is like reiterating to your own self: “I am worthy”. When you give yourself importance and dedicate some time in the day to yourself, you are essentially giving your self-esteem a great boost. We shouldn’t be waiting around for people to come and give us encouragement. We should be able to give ourselves that much-needed pat on the back for something we have put sweat and blood into.  


Enjoy the journey of life

The world has become expeditious to say the least. This causes most of us to just get past each day accomplishing the many tasks that lie ahead of us. However, these tasks are essentially unending. It is, hence, crucial that you start to enjoy the little perks of life all the while ensuring that you do not lose sight of your long term goals. 


Time will continue to pass. And there will come a day when you will have accomplished many of your career/professional goals but you will also realize that you haven’t really experienced life itself. In the end, it’s not about how much money we make but how many happy memories we have.

Give gifts to yourself

The hectic schedule of our life makes us forget about the little things. We forget to enjoy life and focus on ourselves. Here are some gifts you can give yourself as a reminder to slow down and be grateful.

A spa day

We are all working most days, typing away on our laptops with our backs hurting for a good portion of that time. Our sleep schedule is disturbed, eating habits have gone haywire. In short, our physical health is a wreck. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day to take the weariness off of you. It will leave you fresh and mentally relaxed after so many days of constant work. You will return to work with a fresh mind and a relaxed body. 


Taking a walk might sound like a very simple task and it is. Just get up and go out. Take a stroll around the neighborhood. Look around. Notice birds. See what color the sky is at the moment. Notice the shape of the clouds that are there in the sky. These small things can have a tremendously refreshing effect on you. Mostly, even if we do go out, we keep staring at our phones and have no idea whatsoever of the small, magical moments that surround us.


You can also buy yourself some accessories to spoil yourself. Buy yourself a nice handbag or a clutch. Or maybe a pair of those oh-so-fabulous cat-eyed sunglasses to block out the sunlight and also the haters. Maybe buy yourself a delightful watch. It will remind you of the value of the passing time. And even if you break it you can always look to repair it at https://www.soflypart.com/.  

A good book

A good book is never a bad idea. Nothing is more gratifying than having a good book to go back to right at the end of the day before sleep. It is food for thought and can be a great way to end an already productive day. It also helps you sleep very well. It slows your breathing and makes you feel calm at the end of a very long day. 

A 30-day challenge notepad

This can prove to be a great gift as you can do a variety of stuff using this notepad. You can set yourself one small goal for each day of the week or month which when combined will make one big goal. Accomplishing these can be a great uplift for your self-esteem. While it may seem hauntingly laborious, the sense of achievement at the end of each day after you have successfully completed the small goal for the day can improve your mood vastly.



Life offers us a limited time. It is up to us how we choose to utilize it. Is it wise to spend all of it worrying, brooding, and losing our sleep on something we can’t control? Or is it advisable to savor every moment and every day? The decision is yours to make.