I had a sneaking suspicion I might join the 27 Club. I was pretty adamant about white lighters not being anywhere near me, let alone touching them. I can officially say today I’m in the clear, and now I’m probably going to live to 105 putting that 103-year-old yarnbomber lady to shame.

28th Birthday | Uncustomary

This weekend, I got all my closest friends who live in the area to hop on a party bus I rented. Most of us had never been on one, and it was quite the experience. LED lights, laser shows, music, TV screen, stops wherever we want. We got some food, drinks, and stared out over the view of Baltimore from Federal Hill Park. It was a really great night that left me exhausted and happy.

Today, three days later I feel pretty anticlimactic to be honest. People are at work, my big celebration is behind me, and the birthday dress I bought myself fits everywhere except for my boobs which will be trying to pop out all day long. I share that just to be transparent, and let you know if you ever get the “birthday blues” it’s normal because someone who essentially lives for birthdays got them.

28th Birthday | Uncustomary

Besides my major feat of not dying with a white lighter on my person, I really did accomplish a lot this year. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. I wrote and published a book that has five stars on Amazon. I got to do a signing at Barnes and Noble! I published my first e-course, had my first webinar, started working for We Love Colors, got flown to Vancouver to speak at an event on self love. I went tubing, read more books than I have since I was a teenager, wrote in wet cement, and made concrete plans with Joe about our future. Twenty-seven had its ups and downs like any year, like life. Overall, I am incredibly grateful to be where I am and I am grateful for all of you who allow me to live my dream every day.

If you want to get me a birthday present, buy my book. Get a copy for yourself and/or someone else. And if you’ve already read my book, please leave me a review on Amazon. That would mean the world to me.

Thank you for being a part of another great year, and I can’t wait for you to be a part of this next one. It’s only gonna get better.