We’ve come out from diligent, nurturing, hard-working, get it done Virgo Season, and have officially entered into Libra season! You ready? This is going to be a nice balance (hah! Libra is all about balance) to Virgo’s gung-ho yang energy to Libra’s romantic, diplomatic, harmonious nature.

Remember: even if you’re shy to astrology, I think this monthly checklist series, a bucket list of sorts, can be helpful to get you to focus on different areas of your life and maintain that balance year-round. And hey– if magical cosmos are in your favor and helping you along the way, who are you to complain?

Libra is an air sign, ruled by Venus which is all about femininity, pleasure, and beauty! Libras tend to put other people before themselves, because they just love other people! They value mediation and compromise to keep the peace. They also think things should be super fair, and prioritize justice of all kinds. One of the biggest things to a Libra is balance! Things need to be weighed out evenly, or they can get upset. This is not someone who goes to extremes. They can also be indecisive, avoid confrontations, detached, and a little too laid back.

Some famous Libras are Will Smith and Susan Sarandon. Getting it more now? I actually only have one Libra element in my chart, which is my sixth house. That means I need my work environment to be beautiful in order to want to work in it and I’m likely to eat a lot and get medical conditions from that like Diabetes and Kidney issues. That I love being in relationships, and that in them I’m likely to not to my share of the housework. That I’m likely to be very clingy to my partner in the mornings. That I see coworkers and animals as equals. All pretty damn accurate.

Libra season is a great time to collaborate with someone else and to nurture your relationships. Any partnership (pairs of two in particular) should be paid attention to right now! It’s also time to release the rigidness you may have felt during Virgo season (maybe some structure or self-critique gone too far?) and slide into the peaceful, harmonious bliss that is of Libras. Really make time to weigh things out metaphorically and figure out where your life needs more balance. That’s the main lesson to take away here. Let’s take a look at some ways to make the most of Libra season!

I’ll be teaching a Libra Season Workshop, like I do every month. We’ll be talking about romance (for yourself and others), Feng Shui, speaking your truth, creating balance, as well as doing Tai Chi, body love for the back, learning about an amazing app for partnerships and understanding yourself, getting amazing worksheets, and everyone who joins live is entered to win a $200 giveaway, which includes a camera and other amazing Libra-themed goodies! Don’t forget about the standard workshop stuff like affirmations, journaling, group discussion, a custom meditation, and more!

Libra Season Workshop

25 Ways To Celebrate Libra Season | Uncustomary

25 Ways To Make The Most Of Libra Season

1. Balance Your Life – draw a circle and cut it into equal chunks, label them the different main parts of your life (examples: school, work, sleep, food, sex, hobbies, etc.) and go through and rate each area on a scale of 1 to 10 of how satisfied you are with that area of your life, then adjust accordingly to what you need to pay more attention to
2. Observe footage of flamingos –  (or see them in real life if you can) to see what it looks like to be a master of balance
3. Manifesto – make a personal mission statement or manifesto
4. Be Still – engage in activities that cause you to be physically still
5. Best Friend Date – schedule an elaborate best friend date where you spend the day doing your favorite activities together
6. Yoga Balance – work some yoga poses that practice creating physical balance with your body
7. Make Time For Romance – even (especially!) if it’s with yourself; take yourself on some solo dates and send yourself flowers before you go! And/or reignite the romance in your relationship that you’re already in
8. Stand Up For Something – speak up for what you know is right in a big way (maybe attend a protest, city council meeting, write postcards to your Senators, etc.)
9. Work Your Throat Chakra – work on unblocking your throat chakra so you can do your best at speaking your truth
10. Have A Staycation – actually take off work for and relax and indulge fully (making sure you’re balancing life and work!)
11. Grounding Exercises – use crystals, meditation, or put your bare feet on the ground; also try mindfulness
12. Meet A Kindred Spirit – Go to an event where you can potentially make new friends and socialize with the optimistic intent of connecting with a kindred spirit
13. Celebrate Beauty – there are so many forms! An easy way is to add a new piece of art to your life (maybe a painting, maybe a tattoo?)
14. Make Better Decisions – do research on how to make better decisions, how to make them with more ease, and how to stick to them
15. Mediate – be a mediator for a pair of friends or a couple who are going through a disagreement and could benefit from a neutral third party
16. Embrace The Yin And Yang Of Life – actually look into what yin and yang energy is if you don’t already know; bonus points if you put a yin yang symbol on your vision board
17. Try Feng Shui – find balance in your living space with organization if that helps you, or better yet, try out Feng Shui to see how that feels
18. Love Deeper – have deep conversations with your favorite people about your love languages and how you can better love each other
19. Find Your Center – do some meditation where you figure out where your true center is (for some people it’s their heart, for others it’s their third eye, their diaphragm, etc.) — then try to always do your deep breathing into this place of center
20. Catalog Your Day – Track your activities for a week and see how many hours you spend doing various activities (commuting, working, sleeping, running errands, cooking, etc.) and see how much of the things you’re doing are actually for you and feeding your soul
21. Start A Collaboration – reach out to someone you’ve been thinking about wanting to work with — this is the best time for new partnerships to blossom
22. Pay Attention To Your Back – specifically your lower back, and treat any problems that have come up there
23. Journal –  to answer the question “What is at my core?”
24. Be Considerate –  think before you act, and go a step further by planning ahead with a random act of kindness
25. Show Your Love –  demonstrate your love in a physical, tangible way so there’s no room for guessing

PS – I made a Libra Season inspired Pinterest Board (100+ pins), a Libra Season meditation, and Libra Season affirmations, but they’re secret and only available to my membership group, the Uncustomary Babes, click here to sign-up and become a member!


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How will you celebrate Libra Season?

Photos: Maura Housley