Sagittarius Season flew by for me, I don’t know about you. But we’re already into Capricorn Season! I’m kind of bummed, I wish it lasted longer. I don’t nearly identify with Capricorn as much as I do with Sagittarius, but change is good! So let’s dive in!

Remember: even if you’re shy to astrology, I think this monthly checklist series, a bucket list of sorts, can be helpful to get you to focus on different areas of your life and maintain that balance year-round. And hey– if magical cosmos are in your favor and helping you along the way, who are you to complain?

Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn. Capricorns are usually ambitious, smart, and hardworking. You usually have to draw Capricorns out of their shells a bit because they have a bit of a guard up, but it’s fun when you get them out to play. They’re very independent people, are very visual, and make great partners. Some famous Capricorns are Bradley Cooper and Michelle Obama.

Capricorn season is a time to get down to work, create structure, and be ambitious. It’s about being your own leader, having determination, and get clear about our goals. There are a ton of things you can do to celebrate Capricorn season, but let’s take a look at the 25 ways I came up with for you to start with!

25 Ways To Celebrate Capricorn Season | Uncustomary

25 Ways To Make The Most Of Capricorn Season

1. Tackle any financial issues you’ve been avoiding; finally peel back the curtain and deal with any outstanding debts, tickets, fines, etc.
2. Spend time/honor any father figures in your life (Capricorn is about masculine figures).
3. Re-approach how you use gender pronouns/gender vocabulary in general.
4. Create structures, systems and routines in your life where there is any amount of chaos that’s taking control. (Great time for a Magical Morning Ritual or a Nightly Routine!)
5. Work on honing in on one of your specific skills, and consider getting certified in an official way in that skill.
6. Make a list of goals/resolutions for the new year and make sure they’re SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound).
7. Hire a life coach or schedule an appointment with a therapist to dive deeper into how you can accomplish goals and conquer your issues intrinsically.
8. Practice daily manifestation and abundance rituals that visualize what it will be life when you actually achieve your goals.
9. Experiment going back and forth with utilizing a to do list and not using one and seeing how much you get done each way, and see what system really works the best for you.
10. Redecorate your living space and/or altar and make it as aesthetically pleasing as you possibly can.
11. Climb a mountain sign (like the actual zodiac sign, a goat)!
12. Work on promoting your public image, but continue practicing modesty throughout the process.
13. Make a mood/vision board in real life (not just on Pinterest).
14. Create a dating profile to find your next partner or just revamp your current profile.
15. Write yourself an abundance check of how much money you would like to be able to cash at this time next year.
16. Figure out how you can be a better, more stable/loyal partner for your romantic partners/interests.
17. Start a new regime where you start moving your body regularly, to strengthen it physically.
18. Establish clear boundaries for yourself personally, romantically, professionally, etc.
19. Practice Feng Shui in your home, specifically for abundance (find out where your wealth corner is in your home).
20. Do some journaling on what you’re resisting, and meditate/tap on how you can release that resistance.
21. Honor the earth and be more proactive about protecting the environment.
22. Connect with crystals; find out more about their properties and use them to your advantage.
23. Keep that goal of a work-life balance going strong! Make time for hobbies and play as much as you’re kicking ass at work.
24. Do activities that practice patience like meditating, doing activities more slowly, turning your phone off, carrying less with you, etc.
25. Spend some extra care on your skin regimes this season with exfoliating, masks, and hydrating.

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How will you celebrate Capricorn season?

Photos: Maura Housley