Yesterday I got some news that made me feel awful. I don’t really understand why you would contact someone after a year to tell them something you lied about for so long. All it did was made me scream and cry. I felt actual hate and regret for something that made me feel so happy at one point. It seemed really funny that just the other day I posted about laying negative emotions to rest. I had to direct myself back to my own words, and it made me start thinking about what to do when you feel sad.

Whenever I’m feeling sad, my mind reverts to old patterns. I’ve posted about my experiences with mental health issues before, and even though I’ve come so far in the way of happiness and self care, it’s hard not to let instincts take over. The good news is that even if they do take over, my coping mechanisms kick in a little earlier each time. I want to share some ideas on how to prevent sadness and destructive tendencies, and kick in those happier moments.

Things To Do When You’re Sad

take a shower and belt out a song that really speaks to you over and overhang out with your pet (and tell them all your problems) eat ice cream, or some other delicious comfort food vent to your best friends watch the funny videos your friends send you wear something that makes you feel fancy take a drive to nowhere (if you’re emotionally stable enough) YouTube video compilations of your favorite TV characters look back at things you’ve written in your happy journal or radical self love bible to remind yourself of the good in your life force yourself to dance for an entire song move your mouth muscles into a smile and keep it like that for sixty seconds make something for someone else write down the advice you would give to your best friend who is sad come up with at least one reason why the thing you’re upset about it actually good in its own way buy something fun that you don’t necessarily need, like a sparkly shirt, craft supply, or stationery scream and cry hold an ice cube in your hand, snap a rubber band on your wrist, or draw on your skin if you feel like physically harming yourself take preventative measures to not contact people you shouldn’t (maybe an anti-text app for an ex) take a B-12 vitamin allow your friends to try to cheer you up, and don’t feel like you’re wasting their time do a guided imagery or meditation stretch all your muscles cut a bunch of things out of magazines write yourself an e-mail to be delivered in the future, congratulating yourself on moving on  clean and organize your belongings

Is it easy to do? Almost never. It takes effort, support, and desire. Yesterday, I vented in e-mails to my best friends, drove to my friend’s house where he played me songs on his guitar while making strange faces, and cried a lot. I drove around, came home and showered while listening to “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel about six times. I sang it as loud as I possibly could. I got myself a Drumstick and let Bug have a lick of it while I brushed some of the glitter from my carpet off of his fur. I wore floral leggings instead of pajamas, put on a face mask, and overdosed on episodes of “New Girl”.

Is the pain gone? Kind of. The thing that happened still happened. I’m mad and extremely hurt over it. But I don’t feel numb anymore. I know that I can handle these things.

me making donut seed (Cheerios) angels on April’s kitchen floor

Something else that made me feel better was listening to the mini audio diary I made for myself back in December, on the way home from April’s party. I just wanted to document how I felt that night, and listening to it transports me back to those emotions.

If you’re feeling sad, I really recommend trying some of the things on this list. Not all of them will work for you, but I bet at least one will. I’d also love to hear what other things you do to get yourself out of a funk. Leave ideas in the comments!