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Okay! Let’s talk goals! I’m a firm believer that you’re more likely to accomplish something if you wake up on a random weekday in August with the gumption and drive to get that shit done than making a resolution just because it’s January 1st and you’re ‘supposed’ to. Remember you’re not required to do anything at all.

But sometimes calendar markers like the new year, our birthdays, and even back to school season can serve as reminders that we can create a clean slate whenever we want. They’re also a good time to check in with ourselves about how we feel about the goals we’ve set. How have we progressed so far? Are they still something we even want to work towards, or have our priorities changed? Everything is fluid. So are you. That all being said, I’m sure lots of you have some goals or at least ideas of things you’d like to work on and/or accomplish in 2017! And I’d LOVE to hear what they are.

I’ll go first:

  • Begin my journey with The Wander Society
  • Create consistent content for my blog, podcast, and YouTube channel
  • Make more guerrilla art and snail mail
  • Double my following on Instagram
  • Release three more e-courses
  • Move in with Joe
  • Exercise more, in fun ways
  • Be more active in the burner community
  • Become more of a morning person
  • Bullet journal my ass off

Okay, your turn!!