My friend, Cristen, tagged me in a Facebook status to share 15 things you “may not care to know” about me. My immediate reaction was “ugh, everyone already knows everything”, so this is a little difficult for me… I’m a pretty open person! Give yourself one point and ten pieces of confetti for each thing you already knew about me.

15 Things You May Not Have Cared To Know About Uncustomary

  1. The only time I ever took the SAT’s was when I was 13 and my school thought I was a genius. I am not a genius.
  2. The first alcohol I ever had was orange flavored 151.
  3. As a child, I preferred playing with my Batman figures to Barbies, but still had way more Barbies because my friends didn’t like Batman.
  4. I played piano for seven years. My teacher quit because I was “as good as” her and she could “no longer teach” me. I was equally angry and grateful, because I hated practicing.
  5. On the last days of school every year in elementary school, I would stay after to help the teachers clean and organize. They would give me their extra worksheets, and I would force my friends to play school with me during the summer.
  6. More often than not, concerts and other places with loud, booming music (bass), makes the cartilage in my ribs inflame in a condition called Costochondritis. It hurts and I get sick. I’ve gone to the hospital for it on multiple occasions.
  7. My mom’s Costco ID in the early 90’s (ahem, Price Club) had me in the photo because I refused to not be in the picture. I’ve always loved photography + cameras
  8. Although I identify as heterosexual, I find women objectively more attractive and have kissed many.
  9. For more than half my life, I thought I was allergic to coconut. Turns out I just don’t like it.
  10. My elbows are hyper-extended.
  11. I’ve had Tourette’s since I was eight years old. I didn’t know how to spell it till I was fifteen.
  12. I’ve made many, many sleeping dreams come true in real life, premonition style. This went away for years while I was on a large dose of psychotropic medications, but has come back recently. I can also predict things short term if they’re dealing with numbers or colors. (I recently guessed 11 cards correctly in a row.)
  13. Touching the front of my throat makes me gag.
  14. I feel weak whenever I use my GPS.
  15. Most nights, there is confetti in my bed. (Oh wait, you knew that one already, didn’t you?)

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Photo credit: April’s Twisted Entertainment

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