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Recently, I posted 100 reasons to send snail mail. Reason #31 was to say thank you to someone, and I wanted to elaborate on that. Saying thank you is really important, which is why I advocate for keeping a Happy Journal! Documenting your gratitude for your life is a cathartic exercise with attracts more positivity. Life is wonderful, and most of the time the things we accomplish aren’t done alone. Expressing your gratitude to other people is such a beautiful gesture, and I guarantee you it’s always appreciated.

People may argue that snail mail and the art of writing letters is “dead”, but I assure you it isn’t. Not only do I buy stamps and send mail every week, but so do tons of other people (like the hundred who fill up my PO Box every month). You know how else I know it’s not dead? Because the post office exists and runs! You can send postcards, packages, and handwritten letters to almost anywhere in the world! If something is possible to achieve, it’s alive.

E-mail used to be incredible. I mean, it still is. I can instantly send a message, image, and audio file to anyone with an e-mail address and internet access. That’s incredible. I just mean it used to be new, so we were more excited about it. Our excitement pushed snail mail aside, but now it’s been a couple decades and we’re starting to resent our inboxes. Let’s bring the beauty of a handwritten greeting to mailboxes all over the world!

100 Reasons To Write Thank You Notes | Uncustomary Art

Your homework assignment is to write one thank you note today! It can be on fancy stationery or loose leaf paper, you can hand deliver it or slap a stamp on it. The only rule is you have to write it with your hand, not with your keyboard. Do you accept this challenge? If you do, take a picture and post it on social media with the hashtag #UncustomaryLove so I can see it!

So what can you say thank you for? Here’s a list to inspire you!

Reasons To Write Thank You Notes

When someone…

1. Attends your party/event
2. Invites you to their party/event
3. Gives you a present
4. Loans you some money
5. Loans you their car
6. Picks you up when your car breaks down
7. Plans a special day/date for you
8. Lets you vent
9. Tells you the truth
10. Takes your shift at work
11. Runs an errand for you
12. Buys you a drink
13. Gives you a ride
14. Accepts you without judgement
15. Teaches you something
16. Goes on an adventure with you
17. Has awesome sex with you
18. Holds your hair back when you vomit
19. Tells hilarious jokes
20. Laughs at your jokes
21. Picks you up at the airport
22. Texts you back immediately
23. Orders you a cab home
24. Lets you choose the movie
25. Cheers you up
26. Dances with you
27. Encourages you
28. Critiques your work
29. Shares their talent with you
30. Not holding your past against you
31. Surprises you
32. Does a chore for you
33. Watches your kids
34. Watches your pets
35. Watches your house
36. Picks up your dry cleaning
37. Takes you to the doctor
38. Forgives you
39. Donates to your project
40. Supports your dreams
41. Takes photos for you
42. Makes art for you
43. Gives you the bigger piece of cake
44. Cooks you dinner
45. Sets you up on a date
46. Rescues you from a bad date
47. Cleans your house
48. Takes the blame for farting
49. Gives you sex tips
50. Chooses not to say “I told you so”

100 Reasons To Write Thank You Notes | Uncustomary Art


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51. Holds you when you cry
52. Takes your phone so you can’t drunk dial people
53. Recommends you for a job
54. Promotes your project
55. Works out with you
56. Compliments your personal brand of weird
57. Makes time for you when they’re busy
58. Understands that you’re busy
59. Shows interest in you
60. Leaves you a funny voicemail
61. Leaves you a good review
62. Brushes your hair
63. Lets you sleep in
64. Gives you advice
65. Compromises for you
66. Writes something that moves/helps you
67. Notices you got a haircut
68. Convinces you not to do a stupid thing
69. Takes on the roll of being your partner in crime
70. Goes on a trip with you
71. Puts up with your snoring
72. Makes you feel beautiful
73. Cooks you breakfast to cure your hangover
74. Puts up with something annoying you do
75. Helps you reach a goal
76. Applauds you
77. Gets your obscure references
78. Helps you move
79. Stays up with you all night
80. Tells you a secret
81. Keeps a secret for you
82. Wing-(wo)man’s for you
83. Stands up for you
84. Wakes you up so you won’t be late
85. Pays your bar tab
86. Indulges you in gossip
87. Splits up the bill for everyone
88. Finds something you lost
89. Reminds you it’s okay to be human
90. Comes to your art show, production, etc.
91. Introduces you to their family
92. Shows you a new movie or band you love
93. Takes you to a concert
94. Supports your decisions
95. Lets you be the little spoon
96. Gives you a massage
97. Tolerates your irrational PMS mood swings
98. Helps you organize something
99. Gets vulnerable with you
100. Loves you unconditionally

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Questions for the comments:
Who are you going to write a thank you note to today?
Take a picture and post it to social media with the hashtag #UncustomaryLove so I can see it!