Top 10 Swedish Hacks for Balanced Life

Swedish are known worldwide for leading some of the most fulfilling and balanced lives around and there are many secrets that go into it. In this article, we reveal the top 10 Swedish life hacks that every Swede should know and has probably used at some point to keep a balance between the different areas of his life and remain happy and healthy in the long run.

1. Bada Bastu or Simply Saunas

While sauna is certainly not a thing exclusive to Sweden, Swedes have made a whole science out of it, with hundreds of sauna parlors around the country and millions of people using saunas on a regular basis. In Sweden, sauna is used to unwind and relax after a long day, early in the morning before work or on the weekends to catch up with friends and simply have an enjoyable time. Swedes are not shy about their bodies and are more than happy to show it off in the sauna.

2. Fikapaus or Coffe Break

The working environment can be incredibly stressful at times, which is why Swedes have come up with a great way to alleviate the stress through regular fikapaus or coffee breaks. People take coffee breaks everywhere in the world, but there is something about the ritual of fikapaus that makes Swedes stand out. Those who enjoy this ritual report it making them feel more energized, concentrated and happier to go back to work in general.

3. Playing Online Casinos

While this may seem a little strange to people in other countries, Swedes are absolutely crazy about video slots, A great portion of adult Swedes enjoy playing online casino games on occasion, even if it is for low stakes. Plenty of the best mobile casino sites can be found listed here and these sites tend to offer games that help unwind, get the adrenaline running and have some fun after a long day.

4. Moderation is Key

The culture of abundance is present in many Western countries, but despite being wealthy, Swedes are thought from a young age the art of moderation. Young children will be taken to supermarkets once a week to select a few favorite treats, but buying too much and throwing stuff away is simply not an option in Swedish families. This way, the value of things is though and wastefulness is avoided altogether.

5. Minimalistic Approach to Things

Along with moderation in food and other pleasures, Swedes are also moderate about their interior and exterior architecture. Swedish buildings are created with very little detail and most families prefer to keep their homes uncluttered and as simple as possible. This makes the living space more open and easier to breathe in, not to mention easier to clean.

6. Thinking of Others

The Swedish culture is truly beautiful when it comes to human relations. Swedes are always thought to respect others, give a helping hand and be absolutely charitable and kind to others in every way. You will hardly find a Swede who will refuse to help a person in need and that is one of the most beautiful Swedish customs that keeps people happy about who they are.

7. Lagom – Less Meat for Non-vegetarians

While there are plenty of Swedes who are vegetarians, not all are. However, even the meat eaters tend to consume less meat and sometimes limit it to just once a week, in big part due to the negative environmental effects of beef production. Swedes are mindful of nature and the world around them and it has been paying dividends.

8. Recycling as a Way of Life

Just like lagom helps save the environment in a big way, so too does recycling. Recycling trash instead of burning or throwing it into the sea is a great way to keep the country and the rest of the world more healthy for future generations. Swedes make sure to recycle so that their children would live in a better world tomorrow.

9. Living Things Inside and Out

Having a plant in a working or living space is something that people worldwide have adopted as healthy, but Swedes take it to a whole new level. Swedish homes are filled with all sorts of plants and often animals as well and this makes their living environment so much healthier. There is simply something about coexisting with other living beings that makes one happier and more balanced throughout. For a unique way to unwind, you might be interested in exploring options at

10. Enjoying the Little Things

The final trick to leading a happy and balanced life that Scandis have discovered is to be happy with the little things. The minimalistic approach to things translates to the enjoyments and pleasures that Swedes take in. Simply taking a hike or a run with some friends, reading a good book and having a quick coffee break at work can make a Swedish person productive and happy for the rest of the day. This simply shows that we don’t need that much to be happy, other than a clear head and a full heart.