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25 Ways To Practice Gratitude

25 Ways To Practice Gratitude 1. Every morning when you wake up, stretch your arms open wide and say, “Thank you universe!” 2. Make a point to write down loved ones birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and celebrate them 3. Practice (and exhibit) patience, even when you’re in a hurry, especially when someone is providing you a […]

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10 Ridiculously Wacky Ways To Practice Self-Love

I’m so thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to write about something I’m so passionate about for such a great site like Healthline! Self-love is becoming more and more popular, but sometimes that means the messages and advice gets a little overplayed, and my goal is to keep it interesting, fresh, and weird in […]

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50 Ways To Practice Abundance

The past few months, I’ve been studying and practicing the art of abundance and prosperity work. I’ve pulled from a ton of sources and sunk my head in deep, and it’s been really eye-opening and rewarding. It’s scary stuff, to be honest. It involves a lot of trust, as well as a lot of work. […]

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20 Ways To Express Anger & Fear In Healthy Ways

I write about self-love ultimately because it’s the thing that’s made me a happy person, and I believe everyone deserves that same chance. But on this journey of self-love, I’ve discovered that being a happy person doesn’t mean you leave all other emotions behind. In fact, the healthier you are, the more openly you express […]

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