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50 Ways To Use Your Public Library

An Uncustomary Babe asked me to make a list of 50 ways to use your public library, so here we go! My dad has worked in a library since I was born, and my very first job was as a page putting books away. I have a deep love for libraries, so this was fun […]

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50 Ways To Change Up Your Routine

When I worked at the psych rehab, most of my clients complained they felt like they were in a rut. They woke up at the same time every day, took medication, took public transportation to our day program, took classes, at lunch, went home, watched TV, ate the same dinner, fell asleep. Doing the same […]

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50 Ways To Be Considerate

When my dad and brother were in the hospital, things were crazy. I was stressed to my max, foggy brained as all hell, and incredibly sleep-deprived. One night, I was delivering some party decor items to my friend’s house for their birthday party and on the way home as we all approached the intersection, the […]

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100 Ways To Use A Pencil

In celebration of Pencil Day, I’m re-sharing the first 100 Ways list I ever wrote (inspired by Keri Smith). It was the first blog post I was ever proud of, and when I look at it now it’s equally embarrassing as it is heartwarming to know that I was trying my very hardest. I woke […]

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