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50 Ways To Be Considerate

When my dad and brother were in the hospital, things were crazy. I was stressed to my max, foggy brained as all hell, and incredibly sleep-deprived. One night, I was delivering some party decor items to my friend’s house for their birthday party and on the way home as we all approached the intersection, the […]

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100 Ways To Use A Pencil

In celebration of Pencil Day, I’m re-sharing the first 100 Ways list I ever wrote (inspired by Keri Smith). It was the first blog post I was ever proud of, and when I look at it now it’s equally embarrassing as it is heartwarming to know that I was trying my very hardest. I woke […]

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50 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

50 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 1. Wear as much green as you possibly can 2. Make packets of rainbow seeds 3. Do a pub crawl 4. Bring green candy into work or to share with friends or roommates 5. Prepare shamrock popcorn 6. Watch TV shows about St. Patrick’s Day like S11E08 of […]

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50 Fun Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

It’s SO easy to go on auto-pilot, especially during things we do every day like commuting or being at our jobs. I wanted to come up with a list of ways you can spend your lunch break because it’s really important to take breaks, and it’s also really important to separate work and play. If […]

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